PromoLanka Marketing introduces first cold press juicers to Sri Lanka

Kuvings 2Promo Lanka Marketing introduced premium cold press juicers Kuvings to its portfolio in Sri Lanka.

These are the first cold press juicers introduced to Sri Lanka with models available for both domestic and industrial use.

Kuvings juicers have been manufactured in South Korea for over 35 years, and are trusted by millions of households and businesses around the world. Innovative design, high quality components and superior performance are the hallmarks of a Kuvings cold press juicer. What makes Kuvings juicers undeniably distinctive is that they can juice whole fruit and vegetables regardless of density or type owing to an industrial strength motor and high torque capability.

Traditional blenders use a centrifugal motor that generates a significant amount of heat, which impacts on the anti-oxidants present in the ingredients by changing the chemical structure of the nutrients. Blended juices separate quickly due to this, generating an unappetizing pulp layer within a few minutes. A cold press juicer works differently- extracting the juice by first crushing and then pressing whole fruit and vegetables for the highest juice yield. As they don’t produce much heat, cold press juicers keep more of the fresh ingredients’ nutrients intact, yielding a fresher, more intense flavour than traditional juicers.

The health benefits of switching to drinking freshly made cold pressed juices daily are immense. Cold press juices help the body absorb 65% of its nutrients to the body within 10 minutes, which has led to many doctors recommending this juicing method for various ailments.

“Juicing is so on trend right now because brands like Kuvings are revolutionizing the cold pressing technique, making it so much simpler and versatile to make your own juices at home,” noted Azad Mansoor, Managing Director, Promo Lanka Marketing. “Aside from the immense health and taste benefits, this is a very sustainable way to consume fruits and vegetables because very little goes to waste. Even the pulp can be used in sorbets, cakes, jams. There are many possibilities when it comes to a product like this. In a country such as ours, where fresh produce is available so readily, we see a lot of potential for the Kuvings juicer.”

Kuvings cold press juicers can cater to a range of domestic, professional or commercial needs. These juicers have been awarded internationally, including recognition by USA Consumer Reports for the B6000 model in January 2016 and in 2014/2015 by Choice Magazine in Australia for the B6000 model.

In Sri Lanka, these juicers will be made available for the first time via Promo Lanka Marketing which will stock a full range of products for household and industrial use. Promo Lanka Group is the only Sri Lankan entity offering complete turnkey hospitality solutions in Sri Lanka and the Maldives. The extensive Promo Lanka Group portfolio includes Promo Lanka Marketing, Euro Kitchens Trading and Contracting (Pvt) Ltd, and Promolanka Linen Pvt Ltd.