“A Love Like This” in Seychelles

FullSizeRenderThe film “A Love Like This” premiered in Mahe, Seychelles and it was described as the beginning of a journey by ‘The African Film Factory’ which will be of African stories, African actors and of African markets.

The film was directed by Chandran Rutnam of Sri Lanka, and co-produced by Rajiv Punater and Rahul Nehra of High Street Riviera Entertainment and the Seychelles Broadcasting Corporation (SBC) in association with The Film Factory and Film Location Services Pvt Ltd of Sri Lanka.

The featured artistes are from seven countries in the African continent, and the technical talent from India, Sri Lanka, Seychellois, South Africans and Los Angeles.

Various artistes and dignitaries that contributed towards the making of the movie were at the premiere including the producers Rajiv Punater, Rahul Nehra and the director Chandran Rutnam.

The co-production idea was created when Antoine Onezime, the Chief Executive Officer of Seychelles Broadcating Corporation agreed to partner with The African Film Factory to produce films from different African countries. Seychelles was chosen as the first destination, where the first film was to be shot. This production model also created a training ground for the staff of SBC in different aspects of film production.

“It was not the subject matter of the film that was most important. It is what we did with the film…..the concept that the producers Rajiv and Rahul created” said director Chandran Rutnam.

The movie “A Love Like This” which was shot on location in Sri Lanka and Seychelles will be in cinemas across Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya ,Tanzania and other African countries.

The African Film Factory will produce the next film in December followed by the third in in March April 2017 with African stories and African actors.