Most Tamils want federal solution says committee

S. ThavarajahThe Public Representations Committee on Constitutional Reforms (PRCCR) says a majority of the Tamils from the North and East who made representations before the “Public Representations Committee on Constitutional Reforms” stood for a federal solution.

“They also want the Northern & Eastern Provinces to the merged,” Committee member S. Thavarajah said.

He said the media has reported that Lal Wijeyanake, Chairman of the committee, in a press briefing held at Visumpaya on the 15th of this month had stated that the people of the Northern Province are not interested in federalism and that the majority of the Northerners endorsed a unitary Sri Lanka.

“This is not the true position,” he asserted.

Thavarajah says he is the only member of the committee who had visited all the districts of the North and East on behalf of the committee for public hearings on constitutional reforms and the view expressed by one or two cannot be construed as the opinion of the majority of the people. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Don’t trust this man, he lies through his teeth. He is part of Jaffna Managers Forum. The JMF claims that it had organized 185 seminars, but its financial records doesn’t reflect that. I wrote a project proposal for the JMF. Once the project approved, they said that they are planning to allocate 20% of the project funds for other expenses, most likely to their own pockets. I said it is unethical, you can’t do this. They weren’t happy about it and told me “do not involve with JMF anymore”

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