Attempt to spread racial hatred using Jaffna clash condemned

jaffna-university-clash-1An attempt being made to spread racial hatred using the clash at the Jaffna university yesterday has been condemned.

The Inter University Student’s Federation (IUSF), while condemning the incident, raised concerns over attempts by some groups to make use of the incident to incite racial hatred.

The clash occurred when a welcome ceremony was held for new entrants to the Jaffna university yesterday.

The clash involved a group of Sinhalese and Tamil students of the Science Faculty of the Jaffna University.

Some Tamil students had opposed the Kandyan dance being staged to welcome the students and this led to the clash.

IUSF said that if clashes take place based on a race or religion it will prevent more important social issues from being addressed.

The IUSF urged university students to join hands against racial disharmony and prevent politicians from gaining the upper hand from such incidents.

Meanwhile, the Tamil National Alliance expressed it’s deep shock over Saturday’s clashes that took place at the University of Jaffna.

“We regret that several students have sustained injuries and that the Sinhala students had to be evacuated from the University and Jaffna as a precautionary measure,” the TNA said in a statement.

The TNA appealed to all students not to permit any recurrence of such incidents or anything that will hinder genuine reconciliation amongst communities in our country.

“Whilst inviting the students who have been evacuated to return to Jaffna, we urge the other students who remain to welcome them and assure them of their safety as they resume their studies We call upon the students and the authorities to work together in creating the right conditions for students from different backgrounds to live and study together in the University of Jaffna in the future,” the TNA said in a statement. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. There is no question that the Vice Chancellor and some Deans should resign for allowing this calamity. They have proved they have no foresight. Free education is a misnomer. Education in SL is funded by every man and woman in this country from the underpaid tea estate labourers to tax avoiding professionals, businessmen.

  2. If these are going to continue, there will not be any reconciliation under any circumstances. Everybody shall recognize the fact Jaffna is in Sri Lanka and no where else. If tamils can stage their cultural items why not the Sinhalese student population can bring cultural items related to them.

    If they try to use force or any other, they will face the same fate of Meglamoniac murderer Prabhakaran to the hell.

    Tamil students, you decide which way you want to move forward with masses of sri lanka. Hope you all learn lessons from very recent history.

  3. Tamil students should have accommodated the Kandyan Dance. Dean of the Faculty of Science and Vice Chancellor must resign for living in Glass Houses.

  4. Bringing law and order to Universities are very important whether its north, south, east, west or central. The Police can identify those students from photos and videos and transfer them to prisons which are the best place for their higher education. This is a planned activity, don’t you see.

  5. Do not take sides. We have suffered enough, and our society has gone back to medieval times in clashes. Just try to make unity among diverse ethnic, religeous and ideological factions among Lankans. Otherwise we won’t make any progress.

    Not only the Tamil students, Sinhala students have followed their ethnic minded traditions within universities where we have to create a collective environment.

  6. Educated Tamil fools are misleading the Tamil students. They want to see riots, and they also want to destabilize Sri Lanka, because they believe the foreign power’s fancy promise, so called “Eelam.” Tamils have done it again. Tamil welcomed their students according to their culture first. What’s wrong in Sinhalese having their welcome according to their culture after Tamils have welcomed their students?

    The Jaffna University is the darkest place in the North, especially the Arts faculty. No wonder why it is ranked 7225th in the world. Last August I had a meeting with the Dean of Arts faculty. He is extremely pro LTTE, he said that he is alive, because of the LTTE. He firmly believes that the LTTE members who have died are protecting him and Tamils in spirit. In fact, he feeds himself and his family through Sinhalese people’s tax, but he doesn’t say anything good about Sinhalese people. Tamil students get free education, but they don’t say anything good about Sinhalese either. How can younger generation learn to appreciate others when their faculty Dean and lecturers are crazy about the LTTE and have little or no respect for Sinhalese?

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