Kabir Hashim refuses to fly business class on Srilankan flight

Kabir_economy_lgState Enterprise Development Minister Kabir Hashim may have set a bad precedent for his cabinet colleagues and directors of the national carrier Sri Lankan airlines who travel business class at tax payers’ expense, the Economy News website reported.

When Kabir Hashim and his wife Nazly travelled to neighbouring India this week, they boarded a Sri Lankan flight, but refused an upgrade to business class even though he is the minister in charge of the airline.

The minister, however, took a selfie with his wife while strapped down in the economy section. Next time a VIP asks for a free upgrade on the national carrier, the answer is a firm “no,” Hashim has said. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Minister of Public Enterprise Development Kabir Hashim has come under fire for ‘inspiring’ the two Japanese investors, who came to the country to invest in a US$ 200 million mixed development project in Vauxhall Street, Colombo, to leave the country last week. The investors are said to have decided not to come back and part of their investment amounting to a few million US Dollars, now lying at the Seylan Bank, will be withdrawn.

    Spoiling all big investment to your country for there benefits and creating fake publicity do we really care your flying what class in flight mr minister the srilankan your flying its going in 1000 crs loss every year are you trying to cover the loss with traveling in economic class plz don’t acct like kids as cabinet ministers we have trusted and given this country to your hands not to fool the public anymore

    • true he is dealing on all bad and dirty business stuffs and now showing fake cheap publicity,.

  2. Mr. Hashim, the President of Indonesia flew economy class Jakarta to Singapore recently for his sons graduation & paid for his ticket. Its a very short flight like Colombo to India. Maybe you were inspired after reading that.
    Immature dont u think to take a picture & publish in the papers.

  3. It’s a short flight but let’s see him doing ALL future flights too in Economy to take this seriously! It’s a leaked selfie after all.
    By the way there were many more things this minister could’ve done which he avoided doing so to take this photo seriously I needs to be a fool.
    It will not save this airline at this stage. Other actions if taken, would’ve.

  4. India is a short flight there is no point in flying BC. He must display his patriotism when he flies to a longer destination. ” This is big joke ” in my opinion.

  5. US $$3.5 billion vip white elephant is a distractive farce with an hours journey.
    Ask Ranil to return 2nd class. Apoey baaha who follows honesty has no wattalapam.

  6. Me Hashim has always and always will be a simple person and a genuine politician and his wife is a very humble person too!!!!

    • Hmm,. he has taken a self pic for publicity,. not humble but cunning,. so he have planned this in advance,. must watch this minister closely,.

  7. Expense we all must watched Air. Line seats must be used business class convenient comfortable but behaviour of some passengers are not always tolerable by other pas angers. Travel in any class but be consider others comfort quality of flight of others in the plane

  8. B.S to the maximum. One hour flight in economy class? Price of cake. Try long haul and then claim this bs

  9. This is a good lesson for those administers who abuse their power of office while recognizing the privilege offered. Going to India might be OK like this but going on a longer flight in the economy class might pose a threat to the public official if someone recognize the politico and begin harassment. This will undoubtedly invite additional staffing and security concerns to the airline staff while taking the attention away from the passengers. Diplomatic protocol and bilateral agreements might warrant all persons in this capacity to adhere to certain international standards. Salute to the Honorable Minister for setting the rules by living example!

  10. It is a good thinking! He did not want a free upgrade on Business class and neither he did want to spend his money for the upgrade. If he ever wishes to fly in Business class he should pay for the upgrade.

  11. I have been closely following Mr. Kabeer Hashim since the time he functioned as the Deputy Minister under Ranil’s previous regime. If he continues his good work and principled behavior within and outside parliament I rate him as a person who can rise up to the level of a top most leader of UNP as well as the country. Ranjith

  12. Thank you Mr.Hasheem, you have set a rare example for those fraudsters and thieves to follow. But I doubt they will do so. Instead, they will find some other way to get themselves upgraded to First or Business Class by influencing those in charge. Anyway, this is a good eye opener for people to monitor all other politicos and their henchmen.

  13. The most powerful guy on the planet (U.S.Pres.Obama)carries his own umbrella when it rains….our ministers…. (Pocket Napoleons)will request their bodyguards/aides to do this

    • No US President or the Vice President is allowed to carry any privately owned equipment or apparatus while they are on official tours or office. White House and Office of the Vice Presidential detail handles all needed apparatus for the tour. Each equipment is secured through the respective detail and the Secret Service including the places they will visit. in fact, there is a Sri Lankan American in President Obama’s security detail at this present time.

  14. Well done sir. You are the kind of politician this country needs. Lead by example. Shame on you Asitha. The majority are there to feather their own nests,

  15. Good opportunity to interact with people. Hope he will continue and other Minister’s will follow suit. A simple step, big boost to the party. Similarly Ministers shedding luxury cars for ordinary cars will ensure re election.

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