Police woman constable accused of threatening rape victim

rape1_647_072715051533A woman police constable attached to the Haputale police station has allegedly assaulted a young rape victim who had filed a complaint over her ordeal involving a school bus driver, the Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) claimed.

AHRC said that on the 7th of July when the victim visited the Haputale Police station, a police woman constable, had beaten the young girl, and told her that when she is taken to the judicial medical officer she should to reveal that she had been raped by the bus driver.

“She had been beaten with a cane several times on her waistline and was threatened not to tell her story to the Judicial Medical Officer (JMO). Despite such threats and being beaten by the police woman constable the young girl has revealed detailed information about her ordeal to the JMO. She has explained to the JMO that she had been raped twice on the same day by the bus driver and that she was threatened by the woman police constable not to reveal her ordeal to anyone, threatening that if she reveals anything her father and mother and everybody in the family will be killed,” the AHRC revealed.

AHRC said the conduct of the woman police constable at the Haputhale police station needs to be thoroughly investigated and she should be dealt with for the attempted sabotage of justice.

The a 14-year-old girl was abducted and raped by her school bus driver on 19th June 2016. The alleged suspect, who belongs to a wealthy family, was released without him being produced before a Magistrate.

The victim’s family says as they belong to an ethnic and religious minority in the region, the police have not given them attention in their quest for justice. (Colombo Gazette)