India to invite Fisheries Minister for talks on Indo-Lanka fishermen issue

Mahinda AmaraweeraIndia is to invite Fisheries Minister Mahinda Amaraweera for talks to discuss the Indo-Lanka fisheries issue.

Indian Foreign Ministry spokesman Shri Vikas Swarup said that at the Ninth India Sri Lanka Joint Commission held in February in Colombo, both the Foreign Ministers had agreed to work towards a permanent solution to the fishermen issue.

“It was also agreed that the Sri Lankan Minister of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Development will be invited by his Indian counterpart, the Minister of Agriculture and Farmer’s Welfare, to India for discussions to work towards a permanent solution on the fishermen issue. This approach was reiterated during the discussions between Prime Minister Modi and President Sirisena in May 2016,” he said.

Swarup said the Indian Ministry of Agriculture and Farmer’s Welfare has been advised to extend an invitation letter to the Sri Lankan Minister.

“So I expect when the Sri Lankan Fisheries Minister comes to India, both sides will engage in substantive discussions on this issue which both sides are very keen to find long term solution to,” the spokesman said. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Why waste taxpayers money for a foolish junket. You will come back with a twisted arm and behind comes a flotilla of bloody Natural trawlers

  2. The solution is simple, tell’em to stop fishing in OUR WATER or use force against them, yes even war. Our politician/negotiators are terrible and spineless, always making bad deals!

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