Champika rejects allegation linking him to coal tender

1 (2)Minister Patali Champika Ranawaka today strongly denied allegation linking him to a controversial coal tender in 2015.

Ranawaka insisted that he was not the Minister in charge at the time the tender for the Norochcholai coal power plant was awarded.

He also called for a full investigation into the tender process followed since 2009 under the Mahinda Rajapaksa Government.

Opposition parliamentarian Vasudeva Nanayakkara had alleged this week that Patali Champika Ranawaka was responsible for the controversial coal tender in the year 2015.

He claimed that Ranawaka had awarded the tender to a higher bidder when there were those who offered to supply coal for a lower price.

The Government has already appointed a three-member committee to monitor the tender procedure of the Norochcholai Coal Power Plant.

The appointments were made under the directions of the current Power and Renewable Energy Minister Ranjith Siyambalapitiya.

Accordingly, Prof. K.K.Y.W. Perera, Prof. Lakshman R. Watawala and Prof. Janaka B. Ekanayake have been appointed to the committee. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Dear Mr Patali Champika Ranawaka.
    If this tender was awarded before you became the responsibe cabinen minister and it trasnspires to be irregular, you should have raised this issue as soon as you be came the minister. You are reputed to be lying through your teeth; that is the general opinion a least amoong the Sinhalese the ethnic group you were sworn in to represent.
    There are many others claims you made in public which you failed to substancite, and which turned out to be damn lies.
    Let me enumerates a ffew:
    You accused the former president that he was in cahooot with LTTE and you published a doctored photograph just before the presidential election. you had to eat humble pie when it was proved that this was a fabrication.
    Then you declared in public that Mahinda Rajapakse took massive bribes on tenders for construction of the highways. You have not yet showed an iota of evidence in this respect.
    In the aftermath of the presidential election you told the nation that there was definitely a coup hatched by Mahinda Rajapaksa to a null the results ant remain in power.
    you have not even bothered to to address the public on this serious claim since.
    You were accused by the public at large and the parents of the young m,an who is paralysed following an accident belonging to you. Miraculously no the CTTv cameras stopped functioning on the day of the accident.
    You pronounced only last year that the country will be self sufficient in energy by 2019.
    Wht a shame!. You were removed from the portfolio of power and energy two months later and demoted to a portfolio with no funds or power at uour disposal.
    You , if I understand correctly , was to represent the Sinhala budhist interests; You yourself were accusing the Tamils, Diaspora, Muslims and Christians and Catholilics for Conniving to dismantle the unitary state and the very fabric of society.
    I can accept you as sane if not vicious or mended if you declare to the section of population you whipped up for support if you give a reason for change of your ideals or aim of promised land.
    Beware. Ranil is no fool . He will chew you . suck the essence ant spit the remains in to thespian. but the damage you have done to this blessed country is immeasurable. You are no patriot,. you are a traitor , the like of which this country has not sen since Molligoda in 1817.

    • mr Rajapaska government is worst government in srilanka political history you have lack of education about srilanka politics, he was ruling the country by force and thuggry. the man with out education and his brother are not educated, srilanka younger generation will wipe out crooks and goons from the politics, with out education money can illegally earn ,,, present government most bribe ministers are with prime minister. one can denied, srilanka education going down most school are closed .,many politician court case but they given bail but it was not allowed, some has number of case, president mr srisena and prime minister good govern is nothing, they failed with in short time,, USA and UN , human right are in srilanka last one year 30 official are in colombo regarding killing , rape, in srilanka ,foreign minister trying to compromise but it was difficult.


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