Anandasangaree writes to President, raises concerns on war probe

veerasingham-anandasangareeTamil United Liberation Front (TULF) Secretary General V Anandasangaree has written to President Maithripala Sirisena raising concerns over some of the proposals being made related to the investigations on the war.

In his letter Anandasangaree noted that all sorts of suggestions have been made from all types of people, some of whom seem to be claiming that they are the authorities in this subject and some others expect that only a particular group should deal with this problem.

“Since many are pulling in deferent directions it is difficult to come to a common understanding.  The UNHRC has recommended the setting up of a Hybrid special court to probe the alleged war crimes and has also advised the integration of international judges, prosecutors, lawyers and investigators, while the U.S proposes the establishment of a domestic mechanism to inquire into the war crimes. As far as the Tamil United Liberation Front is concerned, in the first instance the TULF will opt to choose the Hybrid special court to probe the alleged war crimes. But after seriously considering the type of cases that are to be probed into, the TULF feels that in the interest of the victims certain types of crimes cannot be conveniently taken up by the Hybrid special courts and vice versa,” he said.

Anandasangaree says except some uncomplicated cases, all the others will have to be decided on the merits of each case, as to whether it is the Hybrid special court or the domestic mechanism that should probe into a particular incident, to determine which a special unit could be set up.

“Although I have very justifiable reasons for giving this suggestion, the TULF does not want to decide arbitrarily and instead wants the interested parties to take a joint decision. The practice of one taking a decision and the others following should be done away with and collective decision should be insisted on. It is a great shame for the Tamil Leadership not to get united even for matters that greatly concern their community.We have to learn from other ethnic groups.Let no one pretend to be cleverer than all the others,” he added.

Anandasangaree said the most serious Human rights violations and crimes can be classified under three or four categories namely rape with torture, rape torture and murder, torture and murder, missing persons accompanied with torture or murder etc.

Since most cases of rape will include torture as well, the TULF suggests setting up of panels comprised of female judges or senior female lawyers to hold inquiries on camera to the exclusion of others and make suitable recommendations including  compensation.

Anandasangaree also said that a committee could be setup to decide on the merits of each case as to which one should be investigated by the local court or the Hybrid special court. (Colombo Gazette)



  1. Shut the f**k up. Let the SL people get on with their lives after 30 years of blood letting. What is wrong with you blood thirsty Tamil idiots? Get a life.

  2. Ananadasangaree loves writing letters after letter. Probably he wants to be in touch with his English or Tamil. He is an outdated Politician with an Egoisitic mind. His letters should find a place in WPB.

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