No licence for Indian fishermen in Sri Lankan waters

Indian-fishermenThe Fisheries Ministry has denied claims that Indian fishermen are to be given a licence to catch fish in Sri Lankan waters on certain days.

Fisheries Minister Mahinda Amaraweera said that India has put forward a proposal to allow Indian fishermen to catch fish 75 days of the year.

However he says a final decision on any proposal will be taken only after having talks with Sri Lankan fishermen’s associations.

“They have made several requests but we have not agreed to anything,” the Minister said.

Tamil Nadu fishermen had recently expressed the desire to hold urgent talks with Sri Lanka and reach a compromise in order to resolve the long standing fishing issue.

Tamil Nadu Fishermen’s Association President S. Emiret had said that Tamil Nadu fishermen are prepared to sit down with their Sri Lankan counterparts to map out a time based solution top end the crisis.

Amaraweera said several rounds of talks had been held in the past but most talks ended in failure as those who attended the talks from the Indian side were connected to politicians from Tamil Nadu and had other agendas.

Emiret asserted that Tamil Nadu fishermen have no qualms with fishermen in the North and East and want to prevent the issue from hurting the relationship between both countries. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. The Indian boats are encroaching our waters! Its for the Indian government to deal with the problem rather than the Sri Lankan authorities being bullied into granting licenses to the Indians to carry away our fish and destroy our seabed in the process with the harmful fishing methods used.

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