Over 14000 military deserters make use of general amnesty

army_north_sri_lankaOver 14000 military deserters have made use of the general amnesty declared by the Ministry of Defence which ends on 13th July.

The Ministry of Defence said that so far 14000 deserters have sought legal clearance during the general amnesty period.

According to Military Spokesman Brigadier Jayanath Jayaweera, as of today (11th Monday, July 2016) 12347 Army, 756 Navy and 544 Air Force deserters have produced themselves to their respective service offices and obtained clearance and legal discharge.

The General Amnesty will end on 13th of July (2016) and service personnel who had been absent without official leave (AWOL) can obtain their legal discharge by producing themselves together with the required details.

Accordingly Army, Navy and Air Force personnel can produce themselves to respective regiments or their last service station, Naval Complex in Welisara and Air Force Headquarters respectively.

At the end of the general amnesty period legal actions will be taken against all those who fail to seek legal discharge. (Colombo Gazette)