No more “shoot the messenger” policy says Government

MangalaThe Government says it is not adopting the “shoot the messenger” policy like the former regime when allegations are raised against Sri Lanka.

Foreign Minister Mangala Samaraweera urged the Tamil diaspora to visit any part of the country and back concerns they have related to human rights with facts.

Samaraweera told reporters today that the former Government flatly rejected any concerns that were raised on the war but the current Government is adopting a different policy.

He said the proposed truth seeking commission will inquire into allegations raised against the army.

The army has been accused of committing war crimes during the final stages of the war between the military and LTTE.

The Foreign Minister said that a truth seeking commission is expected to be established later this year following wide consultations with all stake holders.

He said that the commission will investigate if the army chain of command issued orders during the war which led to human rights violations.

He also said the architecture of most mechanisms in the domestic process should be ready by early next year.

The Minister said the Government is open to international assistance and will look at all options before taking a final decision.

Samaraweera said that while the war was won in 2009 little was done to win the peace but the current Government is taking measures to ensure the reconciliation process goes forward.

He said now Sri Lanka has won the confidence of the international community and this was clear from the support Sri Lanka received at the recently concluded UN Human Rights Council session in Geneva. (Colombo Gazette)