Mangala accuses Paranagama of trying to be too smart

ParanagamaForeign Minister Mangala Samaraweera today accused the chairman of the Missing Persons Commission, Maxwell Paranagama of trying to be too smart by making a public statement on the alleged use of cluster bombs during the war.

He said he was disappointed that a person in the calibre of Maxwell Paranagama made such a statement and added that such a statement will not help the reconciliation process.

Paranagama had said in a statement this week that if the army used cluster bombs before 2010 it was not illegal.

He noted that the Cluster Munitions Convention (CMC) banning the use of such weapons was not in force at the time of the conflict and only became operational on 1st August 2010.

“Therefore, if there had been a need for the Sri Lankan Army to use cluster munitions because of military necessity, it was not illegal at the time,” he had said.

Samaraweera however said Paranagama’s comment was “panditha katha” (trying to be too smart) and insisted he should not have commented at all on the subject.

The Foreign Minister said the Government is prepared to investigate if cluster bombs were used and without investigating nothing can be said. (Colombo Gazette)