TNA denies claims it struck deal with US on resolution

TNAThe Tamil National Alliance (TNA) led by R Sampanthan, has rejected rumors that have been appearing in the public media stating that the TNA, Government of Sri Lanka and the United States have come to an agreement with regard to the implementation of the UN resolution 30/1, especially with regard to the accountability processes.

The Tamil National Alliance says it has always held the position that the resolution must be implemented both in letter and spirit and there has been no change in this position.

“We will remain committed and take all necessary steps to ensure that the resolution is implemented fully in the future,” the TNA said.

The TNA urged all Sri Lankans not to get carried away by the rumors and to remain united in restoring justice and equality among all citizens and to work towards reconciliation and building a united undivided Sri Lanka. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. mr sampathan TNA leader you supported the present government to rule the country president and mr Ranil has different opinion ,prime minister is following the policy of former government, justice minister is a born communal

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