Shivajilingam calls for an OHCHR office in North and East

Sivajilingam-01Tamil National Alliance, Northern Provincial Counmcil member M K Shivajilingam has called for the establishment of an Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) in the North and East.

In a statement to the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva, Shivajilingam said the Tamil people in Sri Lanka have suffered tremendously for the last 70 years, and today more than ever, they are counting on the UN and the international community to give them justice and their political rights, and assure their protection.

He said the Tamil people have long history of disappointment and deception by the successive Governments of Sri Lanka.

“After numerous reports, resolutions, and investigations by the UN, Sri Lanka finally agreed last year, and co-sponsored a Resolution calling for a judicial mechanism that will include foreign judges, prosecutors and investigators. Not too long after its promises, several high-ranking members of its Government, including the President and the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka have clearly, categorically, and publicly retracted from their promises made to the UN, declared that they will not allow foreign judges, prosecutors and investigators, and vowed to “protect” their military,” he said.

Shivajilingam said the Tamil people want all crimes committed against them to be investigated, including the crime of Genocide.

He said there will not be any justice to the Tamils without the involvement of foreign judges, prosecutors and investigators.

Shivajilingam said the UN must firmly and categorically require Sri Lanka to fully implement each section of the Resolution 30/1 without any delay.

“The UN must ensure that the judicial process consists of foreign judges, prosecutors and investigators as stated in the Resolution, and if Sri Lanka continues to delay and deceive, the UN must take further measures,” he said.

He also said the UN/OHCHR should open its offices in the North-East region where the crimes were committed, so that it can facilitate the victims, and provide some protection to the witnesses. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. UNP has alleged war criminal Sarath Fonseka and world has their views on it. Mahinda Rajapakse is an alleged war criminals and notorious for unlawful detentions, White van abductions, forced disappearances and much more cruel crimes that no can be proud of. Mahinda will be remembered as one of the worst tyrants like Milosevic and others.

  2. This is a good move and be pursued by the CM of NPC.
    The rulers from sinhala buddhists south cannot be trusted to deliver justice to Eelam Tamils.
    The pakse thugs deserve to be hanged in public for the genocide of Tamils.

    • You are absolutely right. While Bangladesh government fighting the Islamic terrorists in order to maintain law and order and fair to all citizens, successive Sri lankan regimes have been collaborating with Sinhala Buddhist terrorists and committing war crimes, human rights abuses and genocide against Tamils.

  3. Tamils in SrI lanka have more rights than in other country but we will not allow them to carve out a part of the country for an easy .

    • Do you know the rights people enjoy in other democratic nations? Are you a Sinhala modaya and hate criminals against the Tamils?
      Tamils are determined than ever before to put an end to Sinhala Buddhist hatred and crimes.

  4. Ranil doesn’t have the ability to deal with people like M K Shivajilingam. But former President Mahinda Rajapaksa has, he has proved to the world.

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