Parents, teachers protest against Thewarapperuma’s behavior

thewarapperumaParents and teachers of a school in Mathugma today staged a protest against the behaviour of Deputy Minister Palitha Thewarapperuma.

Deputy Minister of Cultural Affairs Palitha Thewarapperuma attempted to commit suicide inside the school in Mathugama yesterday in an attempt to force the school to admit some students.

He tied himself to a ceiling fan and attempted to commit suicide. He was later taken to hospital.

The Minister had earlier staged a fast against the refusal to allow a group of students to be admitted to the school.

Several parents today protested over the manner in which Thewarapperuma was attempting to force the authorities to admit children to the school. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Hangman: Come on. Evan Thewarapperuma performing these stunts have a positive effect on admitting these children to school is fine. We need more Thewarapperuma like people to this lazy government moving to the right direction.

  2. This man is a criminal. He used blackmail to force the principal to admit these children. Attempted suicide is a punishable offence too besides the trauma he caused the children and others in that room. He had to try a stunt like this to get out of his threat to quit the government. It was a stunt no doubt as he had his people close at hand to “save” him. The so called heart attack is a way out of the public eye too I’m sure. He should be charged.

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