Canada tells Sri Lanka to put forward viable political solution

Shelley WhitingCanada says it continues to encourage the Sri Lankan Government’s efforts to advance reconciliation and accountability in the country as well as present a viable political solution in order to satisfy the legitimate aspirations of all Sri Lankan citizens, regardless of language, religion, or ethnicity.

The views were expressed by Shelley Whiting, the High Commissioner of Canada to Sri Lanka and the Maldives in a message to mark Canada Day which falls today.

The High Commissioner said Canada has welcomed the Sri Lankan Government’s commitments to reconciliation and the government’s efforts to mend relations among communities so that all Sri Lankans can live in peace and dignity, free from discrimination based on ethnic, religious or linguistic identities.

“We strongly believe that Sri Lanka’s commitments on reconciliation will usher in peace, security and stability for all Sri Lankans. Canada remains committed to working with the Government of Sri Lanka toward building this lasting peace, reconciliation and prosperity in Sri Lanka,” she said.

She also said that in Sri Lanka, Canada has been a longstanding development partner and the assistance continues to focus on sustainable economic growth, improving skills for employment and livelihoods, and on advancing democracy through the promotion of language rights.

“Assistance has also been provided for de-mining in support of post-war reconciliation efforts by the Sri Lankan government. Our Canadian volunteer program enhances technical cooperation, fosters friendship and interactions between communities,” she said.

She also said that the Canada – Sri Lanka trade relationship is going strong. Trade volumes have grown by 25% in 2015 and she looks forward to continued growth and enhance trade ties, particularly in priority sectors, such as agrifood, infrastructure, aviation, clean tech and education.

“With just a year remaining for 150th anniversary celebrations, let’s take some time today, and in the next few months in the lead up to 2017, to truly reflect on how far we have come as a country and how far Canada and Sri Lanka have come in our bilateral relationship. Canada Day is a day to savour and celebrate the achievements of Canada and its people, and share the celebration with our partners and friends around the world,” she added.

She says Canada and Sri Lanka have a long-standing bilateral partnership, a shared commitment to fundamental values and deep people-to-people ties and Canadian interest in Sri Lanka is driven by a foreign policy commitment to the principles of freedom of expression, democracy, human rights, and the rule of law. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Once they learned how to destroy Palestine and and slowly put the head into lanka and keep shouting false human rights because Sri lanka did not give what west and Israelis want.

  2. Jews will not go away. They will appear on daily bases from deferent countries: Today from Canada, tomorrow from UK and day after from Norway and next day France etc

  3. criminals western men and women will not go away. Their daily occupation is occupation of Palestine and Sri lankan did not accept that. That’s why there are conspiring until Singhalese give up their country and offer it south Indian Tamil.

  4. Here we go again, the divide and rulers are doing their job openly. The West used to do indirectly and silently by supporting and funding the brutal war. The West has the ability to trace and stop every dollar has been transferred to the LTTE, but it didn’t stop. Clearly the West must divide others to be on top forever.

  5. Shelley Whiting, the High Commissioner of Canada to Sri Lanka should keep her opininion and views to herself. The SL high commissioner in Canada does not interfere in the internal affairs and governance of Canadians. If she can’t keep her mouth shut she should be sent back to Canada immediately.

  6. Please don’t your and the readers time with the lament.
    Tamils of Eelam need a federal solution like the French speaking Canadians period.
    The talk about your civilization , and what came first, chicken or egg is nothing but an rxercise in futility!!

  7. Divide Canada in to 3 and give 1 part to french , 1 to English and 3 rd one to Tamils, and import all Tamils to that part , you will have enough toilets cleaners for generations, and mid you own business

    • You are a sinking stinking person exposing your short comings.
      You are a disgrace to your community and Buddhism.

  8. We strongly protest that Canadian govt. having NO right to interfere the sovereignty of national political decisions.
    As are a democracy country that the majority voters will decided what is good for us ,what is bad for us.

    Canada is occupy by white race from European countries, the very original people have been totally eliminated on racial basis by white race.

    Your credential of human rights, of equality ,fraternity and liberty had been disappears long time ago.

    Ours civilization goes back to 2600 years.
    We were living unitary state since then with many ethnics and religion blocs of races of mankind’s .
    We respect different thoughts of religion believes in deeds.
    We need not your advices to how to handle issues of living with others.
    We respect and accepts other groups of the cohabitation and co-existence living an Island of Sri lanka.
    The interfere of sovereignty of people of Sri Lankan rights is not that your business of politics.

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