US will push to ensure all Sri Lankans enjoy equal rights

IMG_4116The United States says it will remain steadfast in its support of efforts to rebuild the economy, advance good governance, and ensure that all Sri Lankans can enjoy equal rights, equal opportunities and the full benefits of post-conflict development and prosperity, regardless of their ethnicity or origins.

The US Ambassador to Sri Lanka, Atul Keshap said American relations with Sri Lanka are at an historic high.

He says the Government led by President Maithripala Sirisena and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe is moving ahead with needed constitutional reform, national reconciliation, and fulfilling their United Nations commitments.

“Sri Lanka’s exciting transformation began in January 2015, when voters gave their mandate to President Sirisena to implement a reform agenda aimed at restoring democracy and human rights, establishing transparent governance, and rooting out corruption,” he said while speaking at the 177th Annual General Meeting of the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce.

He says the Sri Lankan people resoundingly endorsed the reform agenda again last August when they elected a parliamentary coalition committed to democracy, good governance, and economic growth under the leadership of Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe.

The Ambassador said that with its renewed commitment to rule of law, equal administration of justice and economic opportunity for all, the Government of Sri Lanka is moving beyond the acrimony of the past toward a future that is inclusive, just, peaceful, and prosperous.

He says the international community has embraced this positive vision and extended its considerable support, providing enormous dividends for the Sri Lankan people. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Oh really?? Is that why you & your government treating ‘African Americans’ like, 2nd grade Citizens? Don’t come & preach us about what we’ve already have in Sri Lanka. Tamils whom say that they’ve been discriminated against their race is only making false accusations against Sri Lanka aiming to migrate as ECONOMIC MIGRANTS only Not because they’ve been deprived of their rights!!

  2. The US, Australia and Canada were invaded on genocide. There is no equal rights for Native Americans, Canadian Aboriginal people and Australian Aboriginal people in their own homeland. Don’t follow the deceivers who don’t even live in their own country, but occupying others’ homelands.

  3. Of course Sinhala people have no rights in North and East , where as other parts of the country every one enjoy equal rights. Same right should be available to every one all over the country.

  4. Why should anybody with good human rendition find this positive support by the US Ambassador as ridiculous or as derogatory? Who in Sri Lanka or anywhere else except enemies of Sri Lanka will ridicule US for supporting Sri Lanka? Why should Authorities in Sri Lanka allow this kind of bad reputation come to Sri Lanka through their own Countrymen? How is it possible for Sri Lankans to be so backward in dealing with outside world?

  5. It is time Sri Lanka made peace with its own people. They are within the axis of US and India, in the Indian ocean. Once within the US sphere of influence, always within it. That is the way a super power conducts its business. Nothing personal, just business.

  6. You moron, do you not see all Sri Lankans enjoying equal right todays?
    Whar are these rights you have in mind? same as in your own country?

    First remove the plank in your eye.
    Mind your own business instead of interefering into internal affairs of Sri Lanka.
    Go fix latrines in your country for your people.

  7. Go preach that in your own country, US where black people are mere police practice targets. Racism, religious hatred = Donald Trump are in abundance in your glorified USA. Stop being so ridiculous and interfering in SL where you have no mandate whatsoever to do so. Pompous ass.

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