Maithri, Ranil hold talks at Central Bank on state of economy

CmHgOWsVEAEf_rsPresident Maithripala Sirisena and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe held key talks at the Central Bank today on the state of the economy.

There was speculation a new governor will be named after the meeting.

However officials at the Prime Minister’s office said that only matters related to the economy were discussed.

The governor of the Central Bank Arjuna Mahendran also attended the discussion. After the meeting the President briefed the staff of the Central Bank. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. People do not wish to punish Mahendran. What people are interested is to punish the culprit who leaked the confidential information. Who else knew it . If no one is caught the whole lot people who are involved in the process of Treasury Bond issue must asked to resign. There is a black sheep. One cannot target just because he is a minority.

  2. Those two leaders gave salary increase to government staff without knowing the financial status of the country. How do they know how the economy works, if they are spending it freely without earning it?

  3. The political situation in Sri lanak now after 2015 January 8th, differs radically form the situation between 2009 May 19th to 2015 January 7th.
    The state power and its governance formally expressed the indefinite transitional condition of “Good Govern and rule of law” by US UK and India has been tie up with New regime of MS,UNP-Ranil and CBK.

    We let us not that forget that the issues of economic of power, the growth of GDP is the most fundamental issue of “fail” revolution led by UNP-Ranil, MS and CBK.

    The state of economy parties have virtually become participants in and abettors of counter-revolutionary butchery.

    As this political-economic struggle between many parties developed ,the unreasoning TRUST which the foreign powers put in monopolies led to their deliberate support of bunch of counter-revolutionaries of like UNP-Ranil, MS, CBK, TNA and JVP’s!
    The political development of 2015 January 8th the parties relations has been completed its cycle.

    The slogan of “economic development”and ‘reconciliation’ after the war-2009 May 19 the , change of constitution by state power for minority -Federal power would now sound quixotic or mocking.
    The substance new democratic that we want new holders of state power of political-economic can defeated only by revolutionary democratic masses .

    We are wholly and unconditionally in favour of this economic errors being rectified in way of New People mandate by democratic forces in run by masses of people undertake by new vision and mission of emerging social forces.

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