Government denies claims of delaying tactics in war probe

MangalaThe Government today denied claims that it was adopting a delaying tactic in the investigations over incidents related to the war.

Foreign Minister Mangala Samaraweera told the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva during the 32nd session today that consultations were taking place with all stake holders in the accountability and reconciliation process.

“Reconciliation does not happen at once, overnight. It requires effort, hard work, commitment, and careful, continuous, concrete action. It is not an end that can be reached where no further work is required. It is not a box that can be ticked as achieved. It is a journey that requires constant striving. A commitment towards which our nation should be bound across generations, and a central tenet of governance, because the price to pay if we falter, is not one our nation can endure once again after over thirty years of bloodshed that has spared no one,” the Foreign Minister said.

The Foreign Minister said that the road ahead is certainly challenging, but it is powered by the Government’s determination and resolve to achieve reconciliation.

“There are some who doubt our sincerity to do so, and also a few who want us to fail. For those of our friends who are genuinely concerned, and want Sri Lanka to succeed, every delayed second seems to appear as an eternity, and they fear that the Government has lost its way and the political will to succeed. Then there are others who are misinformed and misled and therefore, disbelieve or are unaware of the achievements so far. And of course there are those who pray that we won’t succeed. These are the forces of extremism on both sides of the divide, who, in league with the ghosts of the past, wait to rejoice to see Sri Lanka fail to succeed in its journey of reconciliation. For the extremists of course I have nothing to say, but to all the others, I wish to say that the Government is united and firm in its commitment to achieve reconciliation, development and ensure non-recurrence. Let us have the benefit of your doubts in order to take forward this extremely challenging yet essential process for our nation,” he said.

The Foreign Minister said the Government looks forward to continue to work in close cooperation with the international community in Sri Lanka’s journey towards economic and social progress, reconciliation, and achieving durable peace for its people. (Colombo Gazette)

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  1. sinhala governments since independence have never fulfilled their promises they made to the tamil can you be any different.delaying tactics is nothing new. this has been going on for a very long time.

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