Sri Lanka still an option for Pakistan series

Shoaib Malik, Angelo MathewsPakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chairman Shaharyar Khan has said that hosting the country’s series in Sri Lanka was still an option.

“We have been holding home games in the UAE at three venues which are very good but very expensive too. This is what led us to explore the possibility of playing these games in Sri Lanka or Bangladesh,” said Shaharyar in an interview.

He said that Sri Lanka were very gracious in entertaining this request but the problem in relation to the West Indies series was that those games would coincide with the monsoons and so most of the matches would have been in danger of being effected by rain.

“This is why we decided that we will pay the extra sum and continue to hold our home series in the UAE, at least for the series against the West Indies,” he said.

He, however, added: “We can play our home series in Sri Lanka or Bangladesh in future. England is another option. We did play there in 2010 against Australia.” (The News International)