Immigration officers at BIA protest against CCTV cameras

BIA KatunayakeImmigration officers at the Bandaranaike International Airport (BIA) staged a protest today against the CCTV cameras to be installed at the terminal of the airport.

The Immigration officers at the airport suspended work as a mark of protest against the move.


  1. Without knowing the fact please don’t criticize what really happened the airport man agent try to put up third camera system without consulting relevant depts, they want to monitor some areas comes under immigration,state services and other dept. knowing the fact, AASL can’t supervise other depts since they are uneducated n came for the job by crooked ways(politician support)

  2. Only lazy people, liars, thieves, and criminals worry about the CCTV camera. People want to have the most number of public holidays, work little, at the same time want to become like Singapore. I worked in five countries, I found that in Sri Lanka people put the least effort at work.

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