Sri Lanka’s first-ever remote controlled LED Bulb

PHOTO - Technical Engineer Shiranka De Silva with his innovation, the Smart Switch LED light bulbGlobal Resources International (Pvt) Ltd clinches a Sri Lankan first with the introduction of Sri Lanka’s first ever Smart Switch LED Bulb, a modern electronic accessory that offers consumers the smart option of operating the lighting system in their home through flick of a button on a remote control.

“This Smart Switch LED light bulb is unlike any other in the market locally today. It can be operated with any remote control giving the consumers, the convenience, a sense of safety and overall improvement in the quality of life,” said the Company’s Technical Engineer Shiranka De Silva.

The Smart Switch LED light bulb can be operated within a radius of 10 metres with the use of any remote control, be it the DVD, television or air conditioner. Consumers can even use their infrared mobile phones but will need to download the app.

The LED Chip Bulb measures 66 x 66 x 115 mm and is available in 8W (65W of regular filament bulb) and 10W (75W of regular filament bulb).

“There are instances when consumers have experienced minor electric shocks when trying to flick a switch with wet hands. At other times they would fall asleep with the room lights on and are unable to switch them off since it interrupts with their sleep. Children are barred from switching on lights because there’s a safety concern,” said de Silva. “Now with the Smart Switch LED light bulb, one has the peace of mind knowing that all family members are safe from these hazards.”

The Smart Switch LED Bulb was introduced by Global Resources International in 2012 but was not officially launched since the company was conducting extensive test runs since. The product is the first of its kind to be manufactured in Sri Lanka and marketed by Global Resources.

“Many inquire about the loss of electricity due to the sensor light in the Smart Switch but the loss of electricity even when on standby is so minimal that it is negligible,“ affirmed De Silva, quelling any concerns a potential customer would have regarding the electricity wastage due to the sensor in the holder.

The Smart Switch comes with a one year warranty. For more information visit



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