Mahinda says he ended war to achieve reconciliation

MRFormer President Mahinda Rajapaksa today accused the Government of a political “witch hunt” against him and to wipe out the legacy of his regime that had ended the separatist war with the LTTE with an aim to achieve reconciliation with the minority Tamil community.

Addressing a gathering in Polonnaruwa, he said the current Government under President Maithripala Sirisena is attempting to wipe off from public memory his legacy of ending the war waged by the LTTE.

“I ended the war to achieve reconciliation,” Rajapaksa said, adding he in the last stages of his rule had begun to handover the Tamil civilian lands back to their owners”.

“I held elections and was taking action to achieve normalcy in the areas”, Rajapaksa said.
Rajpaksa also alleged that Sirisena’s Government is wasting time on its current political “witch hunt” aimed at taking political revenge from him.

“The Government is wasting time on investigations without delivering the promises,” Rajapaksa said.

Rajapaksa’s Government became unpopular with the the minority Tamil and Muslim communities. They backed Sirisena in defeating Rajapaksa in the snap Presidential election called by the latter two years ahead of schedule.

Rajapaksa’s family has faced a string of investigations over alleged wrongdoing after he was thrown out of power.

The LTTE the army for a separate Tamil homeland. A brutal military crackdown ended the 37-year conflict in 2009. Rights groups claim Government forces killed nearly 40,000 civilians in the final months of the brutal ethnic conflict.


  1. Let’s look in perspective…

    Tamils got arms from India and turned against Sinhalese. But India got freedom through non-violence. The West brought slaves to the US in 1526. The slaves’ arms and legs were chained. Imagine those slaves’ daily life, Tamils didn’t face this much discrimination. In 1863 the slave trade act was abolished. In 1963 African Americans got equal rights, but not voting rights. Finally, they got voting rights in 1965. Tamils chosen the foreign advice and took the wrong path. Unfortunately, finishing any war will cost lives. Tamils must accept this reality.

    Secondly, don’t judge the Rajapaksas by joining with the forces who rob the world. Don’t you know how many centuries the West robbed South Asia and the rest of the world? They still rob others’ resources. Don’t you know what happened in Iraq? Americans, Australians, Canadians and Kiwis don’t even live in their own country, they took others’ homelands on genocide.

    Thirdly, the Rajapaksas put their lives in danger while the LTTE was in power. Therefore, they deserve financial incentives. Therefore, I am OK if they have rewarded themselves in financially. Madam CBK bought a house in London, where do you think she got the money? The West doesn’t talk about her corrupt deals, because she with the West.

    Fourthly, don’t judge the Rajapaksas by joining with the forces who kill in millions. The British killed in millions to takeover North America and Australasia. During the 2nd world war the British sent India’s food to the Europe, especially for the forces who fought against Nazi Germans. Due to this 3 million Indians died by starvation. Plus, if you add the people who have died in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan that would be more than million. However, no one was accountable for those deliberate killing in millions.

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