Supreme Court agrees to hear FR case against VAT increase

supreme_court_colomboThe Supreme Court today granted leave to proceed in a Fundamental Rights (FR) petition filed against the increase in the VAT.

The FR was filed in the Supreme Court by opposition Parliamentarian Wimal Weerawansa.


  1. Supreme Court move is “some thing is batter than nothing”.
    Well, without public consent is quite impossible charge and collect taxes from people by democratic ruling governances.
    UNP current regime led by Ranil W… has violated whole set of principle laid down since 1948 independent authority Parliament.
    Taxes are base of democracy, it need will of Parliament acts and enacted by the majority members of Parliament.
    Ongoing Taxes collecting having no Parliament enacted acts by democratic elected MP’s!
    How is that democracy come into being?

    I hope UNP leader has to read Magana Cartes 1215 that decaled without consent of Parliament even king or queens having any right collected Taxes.

    UNP has misled ours Parliament and violated the whole sovereignty of economic of the people.

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