Indonesia lets aid groups assist stranded Sri Lankan Tamil refugees

SriLankan-migrants_2903231fIndonesia has allowed international humanitarian organisations to assist Sri Lankan Tamil refugees stranded in Aceh after bad weather foiled much-criticised plans to tow the group’s boat back into international waters, the Associated Press reported.

The boat came ashore more than a week ago after its engine broke down off the northernmost Province of Sumatra. Indonesia provided food, water and repairs but refused to let the 44 refugees disembark until Saturday.

They have been sheltered in tents, and Indonesian efforts to refloat the beached vessel have ended with it tilted on its side and its engine inundated by seawater.

The International Organisation for Migration said on Tuesday that Indonesia has invited it and the U.N.’s refugee agency to assist the refugees.

IOM said it is providing aid as needed and assessing what the refugees’ needs are likely to be in the coming days and weeks.

The refugees, who left from India a month ago, may have originally come from Sri Lanka.

Some of the refugees told The Associated Press last week they had been in India for several years and had paid a significant amount of money for the boat to take them to Australia.

Indonesia has insisted it would be acceptable to tow the group back out to sea because Indonesia wasn’t their destination, a stance that has been condemned by human rights groups.

“Mother Nature has forced the issue as it impossible for this group to safely remain aboard the vessel …,” IOM said in a statement.

But the head of the immigration office in Aceh continued to insist the shelter given to the Sri Lankan Tamils was temporary.

“The government’s position is still the same. We will be towing them back to international waters,” said the immigration official Achmad Samadan. (Colombo Gazette)