Request to discuss arrest of Gamanpila in Parliament rejected

Udaya gammanpilaA request to discuss in Parliament the arrest of Parliamentarian Udaya Gamanpila was rejected today.

Deputy Chairman of committees Selvam Adaikalanathan said that since the matter is before court it cannot be discussed in Parliament.

Joint opposition member Dinesh Gunawardena had requested to make a statement on the arrest and to discuss the matter in Parliament.

However Adaikalanathan announced that while Gunawardena could make the statement, the matter cannot be discussed.

A heated exchange took place between the opposition and the Government benches when Gunawardena demanded that Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe make a statement on the arrest.

The Prime Minister had refused to comment and allowed Minister Sarath Fonseka to speak on his behalf.

When Fonseka began making a statement the opposition exchanged heated words with the Government forcing Adaikalanathan to urge Gunawardena to control the joint opposition members.

After bringing the House to order Adaikalanathan said that the matter on the arrest of Udaya Gamanpila will not be discussed. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. People are not above or below the Law but should allow justice to take its cause of action without any interference or influence of any source. But recent trends in global jurisprudence shows Law only listens to people with power Law is blind to marginalised people and it is too much above for them.

  2. Matter of charges that Member of Parliament of
    Hon Udyagampala having every right discussed in Parliament, come under right of member arrest by concord charges .
    This is not that unfair to court of justice ,this is that right of elected member of sovereignty of People.
    It is shame Parliament members rights have been deprived by UNP control politics of democracy!
    Back to privilege of member of parliament must be restore by UNP leader of that undemocratic pattern of politics.

    The UNP democracy in far from values of democracy has been accepts by world rule and governances of democracy.

    • Parliamentarians make law and should know the value of Law higher than an ordinary citizen.If Parliamentarians abide the Laws, People will definitely follow , knowing well that all are treated equally before the Law. According to our Constitution Sovereignty is with the People.

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