MUO file cases against Maldives President

WhatsApp-Image-20160620-650x434The Maldives United Opposition (MUO) submitted a letter outlining cases requisitioning Maldives Police Services to arrest President Yaameen Abdul Gayoom and conduct criminal investigations on allegations of corruption.

The cases were based on a document made public revealing that a deposit of US$ 500,000/- (US dollars five hundred thousand) had been made on 12 October 2015 to an account in President Yaameen’s name at the Maldives Islamic Bank; and while the state’s financial system requires the Financial Intelligence Unit of the central bank, Maldives Monetary Authority (MMA), to establish authenticity of deposits exceeding a specified amount to any account, information had been received that the (MMA) was instructed not to verify details of money being accrued to accounts of President Yaameen and cronies.

The letter was submitted to Police as a comparatively large amount of money had been deposited into President Yaameen’s bank account, it was seen to come under Article 721 of the Penal Code stating the committing or intent of crimes (with reference to Chapter 80 of the Penal Code) of expending of money acquired through theft and illegal means.

In addition President Yaameen instructing the Governor of the MMA and specifying a particular method of conduct in such cases is a crime described in No: 2 under item (a) of Article 511 of the Penal Code stating “improperly influencing the performance of duties in a person’s official capacity is an offense”; and the letter also petitions the Police to arrest President Yaameen Abdul Gayoom and conduct a criminal investigation on this offense as well.