Janashakthi delivers on promise to flood victims

floodIn light of the tragic devastation caused by the adverse weather conditions which resulted in floods and landslides impacting many parts of the island and its people, Janashakthi General Insurance Limited expressed its solidarity by extending all possible assistance to policy holders and those affected as a whole, in an attempt to help them rebuild their lives following the disaster. Claims amounting to the value of approximately Rs. 4.6 billion were intimated to Janashakthi General Insurance Limited, with 1957 Motor claims and 461 Non Motor claims being accounted for, marking 2418 claims in total. This is also significantly the highest number of claims recorded to date in the industry, and is a testament to Janashakthi’s financial stability as well as an indication of the company’s steadfast commitment to its stakeholders.

The recent floods which devastated 22 districts is considered as one of the worst natural disasters to impact the Indian Ocean region since the 2004 tsunami. *It displaced 350,000 people, destroyed 502 buildings, and caused 92 fatalities. The disaster did not discriminate targeting rural and urban families alike, and even left some families with nothing to return to after the waters subsided.

Taking the large scale damage into account, Janashakthi deployed additional teams around the island to expedite the processing and settlement of claims in a quick and efficient manner.

The floods in May were one of the most devastating natural disasters the country has faced in recent times. Monitoring on ground developments closely, our teams were on standby to assist our policyholders and the affected communities at large. We rose to the cause swiftly by expediting the processing of intimated claims in a rapid and efficient manner. As an Insurance provider that promises protection and a safety net to our customers in the event of unforeseen circumstances, we understand that it is our duty to offer peace of mind and a solid footing to enable them to resume their lives. We sincerely empathise with the plight of those affected, and assure that we will continue in our efforts to deliver a quick and efficient service to those in need,” said Prakash Schaffter, Managing Director of Janashakthi General Insurance Limited.

Going beyond the settlement of claims, Janashakthi additionally provided vehicle breakdown assistance to all those affected by the floods, by towing their vehicles free of charge to the nearest garage, and offering advice on protecting vehicles from further damage, irrespective of whether they were Janashakthi insured or not.

True to its ethos of working together as a united Janashakthi family, the company also extended all necessary assistance to members of staff who were affected. Teams of Janashakthi volunteers also rallied together to reach out to the communities they operate in, by distributing relief material to those affected.

Rising to the aid of the local community during times of disaster has been part of Janashakthi’s DNA throughout its journey in Sri Lanka. The company even stepped forward during the 2004 tsunami to assist the nation and its people recover from what was a tragic and unforeseen blow to the community at large. This too, was a period in which Janashakthi recorded the highest number of claims. The company pledges its commitment to continue in its efforts to support its customers and the community to resume their lives following this national calamity.