Indonesia slammed for firing warning shots and threatening Lankans

556bc4d2eb732bc8473af2a60137a7dc6b553988The Indonesian authorities in Aceh are endangering the lives of a group of more than 40 Sri Lankan Tamil asylum seekers by firing warning shots and threatening to push them back out to sea in flagrant violation of international law, Amnesty International said today.

“Instead of deploying these crude intimidation tactics that could put the lives of men, women and children at risk, the Indonesian authorities should come together to allow them to disembark safely so the UN Refugee Agency can interview them,” said Josef Benedict, Amnesty International’s Director of Campaigns for South East Asia and the Pacific.

The latest attempt to force the boat off the coast of Indonesia’s Aceh province and back out to sea comes a day after local Aceh police fired warning shots in the air, terrifying at least five Sri Lankan Tamil women who tried to run ashore. The group aboard the boat includes a heavily pregnant woman and nine children.

On Friday, a Banda Aceh immigration office spokesman said the Tamil asylum seekers who set out from Sri Lanka three weeks ago will not be allowed to disembark in Indonesia. Their original intended destination was Australia’s Christmas Island.

Aceh police chief Inspector Gen. Husein Hamidi said that after providing food to the group of Sri Lankan Tamils and repairing their boat, the policy and navy were preparing to push them back into international waters.

“Indonesia risks squandering the good will it generated when it provided assistance last year to hundreds of refugees and migrants who had been stranded on the Andaman Sea. In contrast to what happened in May 2015, developments this week invite comparisons with other countries that have a notorious record of setting desperate people adrift and at risk of death on the high seas,” said Josef Benedict.

The immigration office, police and navy in Aceh have ignored Indonesian Vice President Jusuf Kalla’s directions to provide the group with shelter. Instead, they have blocked off the area, denying the Sri Lankan Tamil asylum seekers access to the shore.

UNHCR officials are on standby in Aceh province, ready to interview the group of Sri Lankan Tamil asylum seekers to verify their identities and determine their status.

“The immigration office and security forces in Aceh are flouting the authority of their own Vice President and not letting the UNHCR do its job. Consistent standards must be applied across the board, with all Indonesian authorities working together with recognized international bodies,” said Josef Benedict. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Tamil National Alliance (TNA) member of Parliament M A Sumanthiran would be proud of this Tamil refugees who do not want to work hard to develop Sri Lanka; but want to live an easy life in a developed countries by telling lies. Tamil People’s ideology haven’t changed, because of their leadership. I blame the Tamil leaders for this mess. Tamils are creating problems for Australians and Indonesians.

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