Sri Lanka says it remains committed to ensure the Right to Development

MixedUseDevelopment_01Sri Lanka says it remains committed to ensure the Right to Development through its National development policies.

In a statement to the UN Human Rights Council during its ongoing 32nd session, the Sri Lankan delegation said that owing to Sri Lanka’s long history of consistent investments in health, education and poverty alleviation programmes, the country has succeeded in achieving some targets  in relation to the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), ahead of schedule.

At a global level, Sri Lanka believes that international cooperation is indispensable for addressing obstacles to development that are beyond the national capacity of States to tackle, such as extreme poverty, adverse effects of climate change, financial crises and unequal trade relations.

In this regard, Sri Lanka believes that revitalizing global partnerships for sustainable development could play a significant role in creating an environment conducive for realizing the Right to Development. The developing countries too could contribute to this process by making efforts to strengthen South-South cooperation.

Sri Lanka also acknowledged the progress achieved so far, by the Intergovernmental Working Group on the Right to Development, in concluding the second reading of the criteria and sub-criteria for realizing the Right to Development during its last Session.

“We appreciate the efforts undertaken by the Chairperson of the Working Group presenting a “Set of standards” for the implementation of the Right to Development, pursuant to the HRC resolution 30/28, which could be considered as a useful basis for further deliberations on the implementation and realization of the Right to Development. We highlight the importance of successfully accomplishing the mandate of this Working Group andmoving forward in the elaboration of a coherent set of standards on the Right to Development, which could frame the basis for a legally binding instrument,” the Sri Lankan delegation told the Council.

Sri Lanka believes that the momentum gathered at the celebration of the 30th Anniversary of the Right to Development should be sustained and built upon, to develop a stronger political will and consensus at the international level as an effective way forward to translate commitments towards concrete action in realizing this intrinsic right. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Quite right.
    But, wrong things are being ‘developed’ – like salaries & perks to MPs while many are below the poverty line.

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