Indonesia considers offering logistical support to stranded Lankans

asylumIndonesia is considering offering logistical support to a group of Sri Lankan illegal asylum seekers stranded at sea in Aceh.

Aceh Governor Zaini Abdullah said that the authorities are ready to provide fuel and food for the Sri Lankans to continue with their journey at sea.

The Sri Lankans were believed to be heading to Australia when their boat got stranded in Indonesian waters.

Abdullah said his Government and the people of Aceh feel compassionate for the 44 Sri Lankans on the boat.

The boat was spotted by local fishermen in off the coast of Lhoknga, in the district of Aceh Besar at 11am on June 11.

There were 44 men, women and children claiming to be from Sri Lanka on board, including one pregnant woman. (Colombo Gazette)