DIMO launches the Masterpiece of Intelligence

3Mercedes-Benz is taking a big step into the future with the new E‑Class. The tenth-generation executive saloon delivers stylish highlights with its distinct, emotive design and high-grade, exclusive interior.

Diesel & Motor Engineering PLC (DIMO) recently launched the all new E-Class (W213) with an extravagant event at Shangri-La’s Hambantota Resort and Spa. The launch invitees included the exclusive Mercedes-Benz golfing fraternity, members of the Mercedes-Benz Club of Sri Lanka and the owners of pre-purchased vehicles.

This new E‑Class also marks the world premiere of numerous technical innovations. These innovations enable comfortable, safe driving on a new level plus a new dimension in driver assistance – among other things. The vehicle comes complete with infotainment and control systems offering an all-new experience. An optional new multi-chamber air suspension system additionally ensures outstanding ride comfort together with first-class driving dynamics. The sum total of innovations, including the Active Lane-change Assistant which allows the driver to effortlessly steer into the selected lane, makes the E-Class the most intelligent saloon in the executive class. This vehicle truly is what every other vehicle aspires to be in a few years. .

The new E-Class is sophisticated, confidently stylish and dynamic. Compared with its predecessor, its wheelbase length has grown by 65 millimetres (2939/2874), its overall length by 43 millimetres (4923/4880). The resulting increase in space is to the benefit of all passengers. The basis for agile handling characteristics is provided by an increased track width (extra 20 millimetres at the front, extra 7 millimetres at the rear). With minor exceptions, the boot capacity has been maintained at the excellent level of the previous model.

High-quality materials define the interior style. They include open-pore woods, wood in a yachting look with flowing lines as a contemporary interpretation of inlaid wood and a novel metal fabric. The use of authentic materials is continued in the optionally leather-covered doors and the beltline. Another Mercedes hallmark clearly in evidence is the high-quality look and feel created through meticulous attention to detail and craftsmanship.

The interior lighting makes exclusive use of durable, energy-saving LED technology. The same applies to the enhanced ambient lighting included in the lines. With 64 colours, it offers a host of possibilities for personalisation.

All models available at launch are equipped as standard with the new 9G‑TRONIC nine-speed automatic transmission. It enables fast gear changes and allows low engine revs, which has a particularly beneficial effect on efficiency and noise levels.

Mercedes-Benz’s new assistance and safety systems enhance safety, comfort and driver assistance to new levels. Active Brake Assist, which is able to warn the driver of impending collisions, provide optimum support with emergency braking and if necessary also autonomously apply the brakes, is fitted as standard. In addition to slower-moving, stopping or stationary vehicles, it can also detect pedestrians crossing the danger zone ahead of the vehicle. Likewise included as standard are ATTENTION ASSIST with adjustable sensitivity, which can warn the driver of inattentiveness and drowsiness, and Crosswind Assist, which can assist the driver by substantially reducing the effects of strong crosswinds to prevent the vehicle from drifting too far off track.

Fitted as standard, the Mercedes-Benz-developed Front bass system in the new E‑Class delivers a unique listening experience. It uses the space in the cross-member and side member of the body structure as a resonance chamber for the bass speakers. If the vehicle is additionally equipped with the optionally available Burmester® high-end 3D surround sound system with 23 speakers, the occupants are treated to a listening experience reminiscent of the acoustics in a concert hall thanks to roof speakers.

Mercedes-Benz has for years been protecting car occupants with its PRE-SAFE® concept in a host of accident situations. The concept includes various measures to move the occupants into the best possible position prior to an imminent impact. Based on findings from its own accident research, Mercedes-Benz has continuously developed this system further and is now incorporating innovations to upgrade it into an all-round monitoring system. For this purpose, the new E-class is equipped for the first time with the new subsystem PRE-SAFE® Impulse Side. Together with the familiar PRE-SAFE® protection concepts for frontal and rear collisions, it allows a kind of virtual crumple zone that extends all around the vehicle – PRE-SAFE® 360°.

As only a limited crumple zone is available in the case of a side impact, even before the crash, PRE-SAFE® Impulse Side can move the affected driver or front passenger as far as possible away from the acute danger zone as soon as the system detects that a side collision is immediately imminent.

With its new PRE-SAFE® Sound, Mercedes-Benz is for the first time making use of a natural reflex to prepare the occupants’ ears for the loud noise normally associated with an accident. The system is based on the fact that the so-called stapedius muscle in our ears reacts to loud noises by contracting in a reflex action. The contraction of this tiny muscle briefly changes the link between the eardrum and the inner ear, providing greater protection against high sound pressures.

DIMO is the only authorized distributor for Mercedes-Benz vehicles in Sri Lanka for more than 7 decades. DIMO 800 – Mercedes-Benz Centre is the most advanced, and the largest state-of-the-art automobile service and repairing centre in this part of the world. The new E-Class is available from Rs 19.9 million onwards (E 200).