US says it stands “very firmly” on the need for accountability in Sri Lanka

NishaUS Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs Nisha Desai Biswal says the US stood “very firmly” on the need for respect for human rights and the need for a process of accountability and reconciliation in Sri Lanka.

Speaking during the session hosted by The Program on Peace-building and Human Rights at Columbia University’s Institute for the Study of Human Rights and the Association of War Affected Women, Biswal said Sri Lanka is making progress but a lot more still needs to be done, the Press Trust of India reported.

She cited the progress made in establishing the office of missing persons and the current government has welcomed and encouraged the visit of UN special Rapporteurs to help provide technical support, expertise and best practices that can help shape the government’s views on reconciliation and accountability.

“While we are thankful that the days of the conflict our behind us, the effort to move forward on reconciliation is really truly only just beginning,” she said.

She said the Sri Lankan Government that came into power in January 2015 has taken “some very encouraging steps” with respect to the efforts to return land to its rightful owners and effort to “give closure” to so many families whose loved ones are still unaccounted for and to “seek justice and accountability for the perpetrators of worst times of the conflict.”

She said the reconciliation process is at its beginning and the “hardest work” is still ahead but the country is not alone in this journey and the US stands ready to support Sri Lanka. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. I am sure Sri Lankan leaders understand the consequences of a dictatorship knowing very well the examples around the world. But because of economic hardships those who come to power try to keep in power whatever happens to the Country. Unlike other Countries where those in power feel bad and feel guilty and resign in the event of their failure to keep the Country Law abiding by all Citizens. It is unfortunate Sri Lanka has been let down by Dirty politics for a long time now. It may be too late for the new Regime to do any good for the Country until faced with another bigger showdown.

  2. Pot calling kettle black! Who killed millions of civilians in middle east in recent years? CNN showed fake footage to hide the truth, one day USA has to face the consequences though each person in USA is indebted over $50,000. Poorest country in the world but biggest thug.

  3. How about holding Americans accountable for the following atrocities they have committed in other countries by invading them not like Sri Lanka where they fought a 30 year battle with the “the most dangerous Terror group – LTTE as described by non other than US” to save innocent men, women, children and babies of Sinhalese, Tamils and others/ LTTE in Sri Lanka. LTTE has killed more than 100,000 civilians. No country helped us to destroy them. Sri Lankan army didn’t kill, torture or rape women and children purposely unlike US forces by invading other countries. I have the top 10 worse crimes against humanity by the US forces below. Why is that no one is talking about it or charge US.

    Americans have committed the following crimes in other countries by forcing themselves in to those countries without being asked. They have killed millions of innocent old and young men, women and children including babies but no inquiries. How women including very young girls have been raped by these American soldiers in those countries. Whose talking about it let alone asking for investigations. The following top 10 are atrocities by the Americans and are the worse known.
    1. My Lai Massacre in Vietnam – On March 16, 1968, the men of Charlie Company entered the village of My Lai in South Vietnam
    2. Wounded Knee Massacre – US government against the country’s Native American population.
    3. Abu Ghraib, the Iraq War – treatment of prisoners at Abu Ghraib
    4. Kandahar Massacre, War on Terror – March 11, 2012, Staff Sergeant Robert Bales brutal killing of innocent Afghans
    5. Azizabad Airstrike, the War on Terror – Since 2001, Afghanistan has continually seen the deaths of civilians at the hands of American ground forces, warplanes, and drone attacks.
    6. Dachau Massacre, World War II – At least 32,000 documented killings occurred there
    7. Andersonville Prison, Civil War – Of the 45,000 men held at the prison throughout its existence, approximately 12,000 died and were buried in mass graves around the camp.
    8. Gnadenhutten Massacre, American Revolution – The Indians were split into two huts, one for men and the other for women and children, and then bludgeoned to death before being scalped.
    9. No Gun Ri Massacre, Korean War – up to 400 refugees gathered at a bridge near the village of No Gun Ri were indiscriminately massacred by American forces
    10. The Balinga Massacre, Philippine-American War – In 1898, General Smith’s ordered anybody over ten years of age and capable of bearing arms to be executed, and herded thousands more into concentration camps. It is estimated that at least 34,000 Filipinos were killed.

  4. Miss Biswal will kill her parents if Americans ask her to do so!!?? This bone licking Indian woman was recruited by CIA to carry out American Agenda and to do the dirty work for Americans!! Most Indians are low class, low cast, low level slum dogs will stoop to any level satisfy the American Bosses!!!

  5. Us has, it appears, been successful in executing its first phase in its ulterior aim.,thanks to the strategy of our former colonial master the Great Britain.
    – create disharmony among the majority ethnic gout. buy them by bribes and promise of power. then tighten the noose further. We have seen it in Iraq, Egypt Brazil, and venezuela. Public are confused. THhe so called patriots are now in bed with anti-national forces. Jathika Hela Urumaya the champion of nationalism are bedfellows with the very foreign powers who did their utmost to subvert the then governments attempt, until the last moment, from defeating antidemocratic forces and terrorists. NGOs multiplied in thousands, all singing from the same hymn book of American and western imperialists.
    Hela Urumaya has metamorphed to in to the propaganda arm of CIA.
    All civil society groups, civil right groups and self procaimed guardians of poor and down trodden, that is the JVP, have joined hands with the man called Ranil Wickramasinghe to destabilise this country.
    Next phase is well planned. to bring in federalism and then semi independence for Muslims in the Easst. tThe third phase in a year or to follow is to to offer autonomy to greater colombo and north west coast where catholics will be set against buddhists.
    Ranil who has never conducted any religious rights and it is said worships god secretly would have achieved his ultimate dream. To destroy the 2500 year old faith from the face of Lanka. That is with active supprt from venomous snakes in the grass called nationalists

  6. The elected government headed by Ranil Wickramasinghea has succeeded in battering the sovereignity of the independent and free country called Sri Lanka. The demand of United States of America that Sri Lanka should be punished for human rights violations and the currrent government’s meek obeisacne should not surprise any Sri Lankan.
    The US which, from genocide of Hisoshimai/Ngasaki, Massacres in Vietnam, bombing Iraq to shreds; propping up dictators in Saudi Arabia, now in Egypt, unqualified supprt to Israel which is the only country that practices Apartheid today; to topploing democratically elected governments all along since 1956 (Allende , the first democratically elected govt in South America was toppled and the leader was killed in a coup of CIA which even americans now admit)) and more recently the elected government of Egypt.
    It is frightening what Sri Lanka would be under Ranil’s rule.
    Ranil was superted iand propped up for 23 years without a democratic mandate from the UNP by no one other than CIA. He is the ideal person, who comes from a family of non buddhists and hates the buddhist and cultural heritage of this country
    . In fact it was his cousin , the Bishop of Kurunegala who openly supported the LTTE movement during the war.
    things are going according to the plan of CIA.
    How else could the Hela Urumaya campaigned to elect Ranil . I cannot erase from my memory one particulr incident: Soratha,,Champika and rathana reciting pirith and blessing Ranils campaign on the eve of last parliamentary election.
    This is poignant. Ranil was already espousing federalism sine he became prime mister in january 2015.
    So hela urumaya was openly supporting the federalist demant ofTamils. This is the most heinous coup hatched by Ranil and CIA

  7. Its time for international community to act firmly against Sri Lankan regime that will never understand pluralism, democracy, human rights, freedom, respect to other races and religions as Sinhala Buddhist forces and regimes have been committing mass human rights abuses, war crimes, genocide with impunity against the Tamils for over seven decades. Another Buddhist violent nation Japan was punished by US with nuclear attack for its madness. Sri Lanka is another with no end to Buddhist madness, racism, Apartheid and brutalities and their violence, crimes and hatred towards other races and religion are much more harsh and criminal and they have been misleading, provide fake promises while continue with their criminal activities. Obama should put an end to Sinhala Buddhist madness before he leave the White House as he was the president when the genocide was committed.

  8. I have differences with ISIS. But thank god , they are the only people capable of obstructing American hegemony (read Orlando). Innocent people have to suffer for Idiocy rulers of America.

  9. srilanka government is not farm in the human right violation. President will say he will do it. but he was control by the communal political parties, and religion like budhhism, he is unable to go the municipal election. what he was promised was not honor ,prime minister is person wanted to help the forces, and former president mr Rajapaska, indian congress party was interfear in srilanka internal matters, was against the democratic,prime minister gave many, arms. chiemal to use against tamils in srilanka ,indian prime minister is ms Sonia petdog

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