Maldives opposition forms new coalition

DSC_1091The Maldives opposition today announced the formation of a joint opposition in order to work against the Government.

Speaking to reporters in Colombo, opposition Maldives Democratic Party (MDP) member and former Foreign Minister Ahmed Naseem said that a number of political parties have joined the Maldives United Opposition.

He said the Maldives United Opposition will strive to remove the government through legal and lawful means.

The former Minister said that an interim-arrangement in required in the Maldives to restore democracy and ensure the forthcoming elections in the Maldives in free and fair.

The Maldives United Opposition also raised concerns over the proposed e-voting system for the next election saying the system could be rigged.

“Recent alarming incidents of violence and murders on the roads of Male signify failure and willful negligence of the ruling regime to keep law and order,” he said.

He also accused the current government of having poor foreign policy which has affected the relations between the Maldives and its neighbors.

The Maldives United Opposition also raised concerns over the number of Maldivians joining the terrorist ISIS group.

Ahmed Naseem said that the number of radicalized youth who had joined ISIS has now exceeded 300.