Leading Tamil diaspora groups in the US slam Sumanthiran

SumanthiranTamil diaspora groups in the US have slammed Tamil National Alliance Parliamentarian M A Sumanthiran alleging he is visiting Washington DC to support the Sri Lankan Government.

Tamils for Obama and American Tamil Forum said Sumanthiran is going to speak at a non- official body at the US Congress along with Sri Lanka’s Ambassador to the US Prasad Kariyawasam.

“If history is of any guide, instead of speaking up for the Tamils, Mr. Sumanthiran is going to play a second fiddle to the Sri Lankan Ambassador and as usual will be a cheer leader for the Sri Lankan Government. He will do some lip-service on Tamil issues to show his Tamil credentials. It is believed that Mr. Sumanthiran was very active in the current Prime Minister’s political party United National Party (UNP), before joining Tamil National Alliance (TNA) during former President Mahinda Rajapakse’s time. But he still maintains close ties to the UNP. Even though he is currently with the TNA his views and actions are all geared towards helping and protecting the Sri Lankan Government,” the two Tamil groups said in a joint statement.

The statement said the non- official body that invited Sumanthiran to the US is called the “Congressional Caucus on Ethnic and Religious Freedom in Sri Lanka”. This group has no influence or standing in the US Congress or with the US Government and is run by a junior Member of Congress and occasionally one other senior member shows up for a short time.

Tamils for Obama and American Tamil Forum claimed Sumanthiran used the group to get himself invited to Washington DC to meet other policy makers to convey to them his views on the new Government. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Mr Sumanthiran Thank you for having the guts to stand up for all tamils in Sri Lanka and not supporting Barrack Obama who has no guts to stand up for any TRUTH . How come now they are standing up for minorities like LGBT..Abortion for unborn babies ..etc .. Is this a GOOD leader to follow.

  2. Sumanthiran’s Business is in Sri Lanka and not in US. Although Sumanthiran won the elections in the North ,he is generally believed to represent himself and Colombo Tamil elites alligned to Ranil.

  3. load of bollocks and shite from these idiots in america.
    do stay there and dont come back. you are welcome to ars lick the likes of obama and clinton. may be a different story when trump becomes the next president

  4. Sumanthiran is not a paid speaker for Tamil diaspora but he represents tamil citizens of Sri Lanka who live in Sri Lanka. LTTE diaspora thinks they can buy politicos by saying Tamils for Obama, Tamils for Labour etc. You can be best assured they don’t care two hoots about diaspora though care about all sri Lankans living in Sri Lanka.They jolly well know your intentions.

  5. Those who fund the killers from u s a, are real killers of our Tamil youths. and now shedding crocodile tears and crying to save Tamils.
    when the singala army kill our people, and eat kirabath ,what you did.
    How many of your children FIGHT in puthumathalan and died in nanthikadaal?????.
    You, TFO, ATF. traitors of tamizarS

  6. :~))))) someone is getting smarter, at the same time someone remains fool. The question is, who is getting smarter? The person in the third world country, or the person in the developed country is getting smarter?

  7. anyone in the diaspora who supported the LTTE, should be punished, there is no excuse. the diaspora learned nothing, still teaching hatred among the SL communities. You will never get any kind of Eelam and the devolution of power in SL, is a bogus idea. There is no reason that backs this idea in history like in India, where many different peoples came together to form the center state. But not for SL.

  8. There is nothing wrong in Sumanthiran speaking on these topics. The Tamils who are in Canada and Sri Lanka have no right to put their nose in to Sri Lankan Tamil affairs as they or their children are not going back to Sri Lanka. Its because of these LTTE remnants who are living abroad supporting LTTE the poor Tamils in Jaffna and Batti suffered a lot. The LTTE remnant organizations should be investigated by foreign judges when the war inquiry starts and if found guilty should be punished.

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