Jayalalithaa meets Modi, discusses concerns of Sri Lankan Tamils

Ck6_aaxWgAEHUu9On her first visit after her second consecutive election victory, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa today met Prime Minister Narendra Modi and submitted a memorandum demanding among other things strong action on Sri Lanka.

During the meeting at the Race Course residence of the Prime Minister, she presented a memorandum which noted the Sri Lankan Tamils issue and several other matters related to Tamil Nadu.

Jayalalithaa, in her memorandum, urged the Centre to consider dual citizenship for the Sri Lankan Tamils residing in Tamil Nadu as refugees.

“Tamil Nadu Government urges the Government of India to permit such refugees to hold dual citizenship of both India and Sri Lanka so that they could take up employment and business in India without any hindrance,” she said in the memorandum.

She also demanded the Government to take necessary measures against those in Sri Lanka who allegedly perpetrated “genocide” on innocent Tamils in Sri Lanka.

“India should take the initiative in this regard in appropriate international fora like the United Nations Human Rights Council,” she said. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. I don’t believe that dual citizenship will work. If Tamils got it, then thousands of people from Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh will demand dual citizenship as well. Plus Tamil refugees won’t be able to pay Rs250000 to the Sri Lankan government to keep their dual citizenship. Asking Rs 250000 for dual citizenship is one of the economic strategies to build Sri Lanka as Singapore :~)))))

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