Zeid calls for inclusive and meaningful engagement in Sri Lanka

Zeid Ra'ad Al HusseinThe United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein says there needs to be inclusive and meaningful engagement of all Sri Lankans when implementing the resolution on Sri Lanka adopted by the UN Human Rights Council last year.

Speaking during the opening of the 32nd session of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva today, Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein said that in Sri Lanka, the Government’s efforts to implement its commitments in Resolution 30/1 will require a comprehensive strategy on transitional justice that enables it to pursue different processes in a coordinated, integrated and appropriately sequenced manner.

“This will require the inclusive and meaningful engagement of all Sri Lankans. I will present an oral update later in the session,” he added.

Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein is to present an oral update on Sri Lanka based on his visit to Sri Lanka earlier this year.

In his speech today, Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein also urged every State to fully comply with international human right norms and implement the recommendations of the human rights mechanisms and of his Office.

He also said that all political detainees should be released, and reforms undertaken to ensure fair trials and an impartial and effective administration of justice.

“Independent national institutions and civil society organizations must be free to raise their voice. Freedoms of expression, assembly and association must be respected and wherever people are jailed for exercising these rights – and there are many – I urge the authorities to release them with immediate effect,” he said.

He also said that all forms of discrimination must be eradicated, to ensure that every member of society can freely make choices and participate in decisions. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Why are you so blind to see the war crimes continuously committed by US forces & NATO Forces in Syria?? Shame on you for being so called ‘ Human Rights Commissioner’.

  2. Your comments are indeed valid for the middle East where you come from! We know what is democracy and human rights as we have practiced those well over 2500 years. All what we understand is that so called countries that try project themselves as democrats have in fact made all the undemocratic acts!

  3. SL government unilaterally deciding to exclude International judicial participation, to investigate the mass murders of Tamils ,amounting to “genocide” and other atrocities viz. Disappearances, large scale take over of private and public land in North east etc will not lead to any meaningful resolution of Eelam issue.
    The master mind behind the above atrocities plus plundering of the resourses of the sinking island,the Pakse thugs are free and globe trotting in the name of Buddha.
    What a sacrilege ! at the expense of poor Appuhamy and Eelam Tamils.

  4. Zeid, please start the process with all the detainees held by the USA for years without any trials and the other countries will follow.
    Preaching to developing nations and leaving the developed Nations to do as they please will not work.

  5. Al Hussein sums up saying “All forms of discrimination must be eradicated, to ensure that every member of society can freely make choices and participate in decisions”. Is he talking about the
    Muslim states such as Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Iran, Iraq etc. or merely Sri Lanka? God knows!

  6. Secy. Mr. R. Gowing in his Report of June 2016 in the Organisation -Sri Lanka
    Campaign, in UK had this to say:-
    “The findings of the evaluation raise serious questions about the willingness of the Sri Lankan Government to take the bold steps necessary to address the legacy of the war. Of the 25 specific commitments pledged by the Government at the Human Rights Council last year, 16 can be classified as ‘not on track’ or as giving cause for concern, compared to only three which can be described as ‘on track’. For the six remaining commitments it remains too soon to say.

    “Whilst acknowledging that many of the measures promised by the Sri Lankan Government will require time and patience, we are increasingly concerned that the ambition of the promises made to the Human Rights Council in October 2015 is not being matched by the required level of political will. “Though the Government has shown greater willingness to engage with the international community on human rights issues and to hear the concerns of war survivors through its consultation process, there are worrying signals that it is not doing enough to prepare the ground some of the toughest, yet arguably most important, steps – such as demilitarising the north, investigating disappearances and prosecuting war crimes.”
    – See more at: http://www.ft.lk/article/546297/Government-not-on-track-on-16/25-commitments-to-Human-Rights-Council#sthash.hhTM0rVv.dpuf

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