Video of young Lankan girl controlling elephant goes viral

351FACDC00000578-3635025-At_the_beginning_of_the_20_second_long_clip_the_youngster_appear-a-21_1465558770286Astonishing footage of a modern-day David vs Goliath confrontation has emerged – with the underdog being a small girl, the Daily Mail reported.

In an almost spooky fashion, a child has been filmed walking right up to an approaching elephant on a road and seemingly controlling it by showing it the palm of her hand.

The dramatic scene unfolded in Sri Lanka, with the girl showing absolutely no fear as she walks towards the creature gazing down upon her.

Remarkably, the elephant, despite its massive size, appears to be scared of her and backs away as she continues to walk forwards.

The confident little girl keeps her arm outstretched as she walks closer to it, then the elephant flees into the bush.

Commenters on YouTube said they were in shock as they watched the child approach the creature and hold out her hand. One person said ‘oh my god, I can’t believe this’.

And one asked if the youngster’s ‘parents had been arrested yet’ for allowing her to go so close to a wild animal.

Another user, bulbadox, came to the conclusion that the elephant is young and may be lost from its herd and feeling vulnerable.

He said: ‘They are used to humans moving around. That elephant is young and must have [been] lost from its herd, otherwise it would never be in that situation.’ (Colombo Gazette)