TNA demands release of Tamils arrested under Prevention of Terrorism Act

Sampanthan-60000-1The Tamil Natioal Alliance (TNA) today reiterated a demand to release Tamils arrested under the Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA).

Speaking in Parliament today, TNA leader R. Sampanthan said that the new Government had assured that all political prisoners will be set free.

However he said only a few were released while many others arrested under the draconian law continue to remain in custody.

Sampanthan also said that the Tamils in the North and East are yet to see real reconciliation, seven years after the war ended.

“Reconciliation in the proper sense is not yet visible,” he added.

Sampanthan also slammed the Government over its failure to release all the civilian owned land still occupied by the military in the North and East.

“One cannot understand why land cannot be released,” he said.

He said that while the new Government has done a lot and shows a different attitude towards the Tamils unlike the former Government, a lot more remains to be done. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. TNA leader talk on that Tamil terrorist to be release or bail without any investigation or with any court of law.
    How is that Tamil Terrorist are above law and order of the country?
    We having experiences that past 35 years Tamil terrorist are back by roots of TNA line of separatism.
    All Tamil is same blood group as long as TNA’s Tamil leadership is concern.

    TNA do not want apply PTA for Tamils in north and east. That is what USA-CIA ,UK and Indian -RAW want do in by the current Govt. “good governances”. and “rule of law”
    Do you know that Islam Terrorist are in Guwnanamo-Cuba dentation centre over 15 years without any reasonable charges against them.

    Did TNA is talk of this issues that forceful detention of Muslim in Guananamo by US authorities?

    What I say is terrorist are every where same, where are roots may be different pattern of Ethnic and Religion origin. They undermined system of democracy trough the world.
    Well established fact has shown that Terrorist are the products of policies of US Imperialism and they serve global domination of hegemony of rich nations.

    That is day of politics by rich nation democracy of neo-liberalism and “Human Rights” of Tamil Terrorist.
    Needless to say TNA is in that payroll politics of Sri lanka by US back policies.
    Ours is important of the national security will be protected by PTA. That is essential part of State that security, peace and stability of life of all Sri Lankan.

    No country run without security, that has be realized by TNA want do national politics of democracy in Sri lanka.
    The GUN protected democracy!
    Terrorist gun rule and ruin democracy!

  2. Is Sampanthan dreaming?????????? PTA should never be repealed.
    Sampanthan should bve behind bars as well.

    USA has issued a notice that they are aware Pro-LTTE’ers have commenced to collect funds.

    Wonder whether its for Hillroy Clinton’s election kitty or to revive Eelam fever in SL and to pay that Boyle to boil.

  3. what is it about terrorism this old buffoon does not understand. a terrorist is a scum of the whether tamil sinhalese arab or a martian. untril proven otherwise they should remain in jail like guntanamo bay.
    so keep the scum behind bars and try them or release them if they are not in anyway associated with terror masters.
    so tamils can not be made special cases at the whim of this man.

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