Government confident of amicable deal on compensation sought by port city

Port CityThe Government today informed Parliament it is confident of reaching an amicable deal with the Chinese company involved in the port city project on compensation sought over the losses incurred as a result of the temporary suspension of the project work.

Megapolis and Western Province Development Deputy Minister Lasantha Alagiyawanna told Parliament that an initial agreement has been reached where Sri Lanka will not be required to pay the compensation sought by the Chinese company.

He said that discussions are still ongoing between the Government and China on the compensation issue and the way forward.

The Deputy Minister also insisted that Sri Lanka had not lost investment opportunities as a result of the decision taken last year to temporarily suspend work on the project over environment concerns.

He said that concerns over the agreement reached between the Chinese company involved in the project and the former Government has also been addressed with changes being made to the agreement.

Alagiyawanna said the Chinese funded project has now been given the clearance to proceed with the construction work. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. The Chinese are making a huge profit in Billions of Dollars.
    They do not need any compensation.
    But, whether this project will earn its cost is doubtful.
    Former regime would have received inducements to allow this project.
    This needs investigation.

  2. this bloody gont. is good at spending unnecessarily tax payers money. ranil and my3 should be prosecuted for paying compensation to the chinese for their arrogance and stupidity in suspending this project. a bloody set of idiots if you ask me.

  3. All must understand that Chinese or other countries are not coming here to do Charity. They are coming here to do business on their own terms . The determining factor is the power of the economic muscle. We have not forgotten Ranil’s talks prior to elections and his views on unsolicited offers.

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