Wigneswaran insists army camps in the North must be removed

WigneswaranNorthern Province Chief Minister C.V Wigneswaran today insisted that the army camps in the North must be removed.

Speaking to reporters in Jaffna, Wigneswaran said there was a concern an incident similar to what took place in Kosgama may occur in the North.

Wigneswaran said that if arms stored in the North explode in a fire like what happened in Kosgama it will create extensive damage.

He noted that the issue of removing army camps in the North has been raised with the military on several occasions but yet the matter has been ignored. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Please concentrate on your job. Let the others to worry about other issues. Creating jobs and skills by building factories and technical schools; building clean and green cities by cleaning the cities and planting trees in the Northern Cities are plenty to keep you busy.

  2. Wigneswaran,

    This is Sri Lanka and you have no right to dictate terms to Armed Forces or the Government to remove Armed Forces camps anywhere in Sri Lanka.

    Pls concentrate on your job to start utilising funds given to Province to create development programs, which in turn will open us employment opportunities to the people whether singhalese or tamils or moors living in North.


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