TNA to express disappointment with UNHRC on Government promises

sumanthiran600-34The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) is to express its disappointment with the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) over the failure by the Government to keep to its promises.

TNA spokesman M.A. Sumanthiran said that a TNA delegation set to visit Geneva during the 32nd session of the UNHRC which begins next week, will have meetings with UNHRC members and the High Commissioner for Human Rights.

The Government had given the UNHRC several assurances when a resolution on the country was adopted last year.

The TNA however says the Government has failed to release more civilian land occupied by the army in the North or release all the political prisoners. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. And yet you all support the government. Why don’t the TNA sit on the side of the government benches in parliament.

  2. Sumanthiran, Sampanthan and TNA are the most dishonest politicians who are deceiving the Tamils all along. You guys supported the present government without any preconditions nor a memorandum of understanding knowing darn well that all the past governments abrogated even legally written agreements and accords. You guys blindly supported MS government on face value and personal rapport and sacrificed the rights of the Tamil people, and even soft pedalling on the much promised international probe on the war. All you got was personal favours, perks and opposition leader post. Now back to sqare one, going to UN to complain just to fake that you are concerned about Tamil issue. It is time Tamils wake up and teach you guys a lesson for all the betrayals. MS and RW played a smart and treacherous game.

  3. The TNA,never look at the suffering of the tamils,they are only for their well being.Mr.Sampanthan and his retinue believe that the present goverment will solve the problems of the tamils but it will never happen,unless the mind set of the sinhalese is changed.Further,the TNA is guillible,for example the TNA supported the MUSLIM CONGRESS to form the provincial goverment in the east but they never see what is happening to the tamils there.The muslims ,they allocate much of the money only for them. At this juncture, i ask,Mr.Thandapani and Thurairajasingam,about their programme for the developement of tamil areas.At least from today,the TNA must come forward to do their best to the tamils of the east.

  4. Yeah, the TNA wants everything according to the UNHRC’s recommendation so they can please the foreign power, not Tamils, Sinhalese or Muslims.

  5. It is a historical betrayal from pre Independence from the British. This is not a new disappointment! The Tamil leaders always hoped and believed their piers in the House in which both enjoy new privileges. Who cares? There will be the same issues for the upcoming election and since the issues are sensitive to both Tamils and Sinhalese, they are sure to meet again in the House to enjoy the new privileges! This is a usual occurrence. Don’t you join friends at your workplace and go for a free for all and come back home and tell your spouse you attended a conference or some function? It is the same thing.


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