Norwegian State Secretary Tore Hattrem holds meetings in Colombo

Tore_Hattrem_websiteNorwegian State Secretary Tore Hattrem arrived in Sri Lanka today on a two day visit and began meetings in Colombo.

Hattrem is meeting with the Government including Foreign Minister Managala Samaraweera, opposition and others in Colombo today before heading to Jaffna tomorrow, Norway Embassy officials told the Colombo Gazette.

The purpose of the visit is to have bilateral meetings and to develop further the business cooperation between Sri Lanka and Norway. The visit follows the successful visit of Foreign Minister Børge Brende in January, the Norway Embassy said.

“We want to strengthen the political dialogue, support the Government’s policies for reform and reconciliation, promote business cooperation and support technical cooperation. It is the positive political development in Sri Lanka that makes this possible,” Hattrem said.

In Jaffna Hattrem will meet the Governor and Chief Minister of the Northern Province, and the Commander in Jaffna.

In the Northern Province, he will also make a field visit to returnees to recently released land areas in Valalai, which is part of a Norwegian supported project through the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). Finally, Hattrem will meet representatives for civil society and the business community.

In response to the recent flooding and landslide disaster in Sri Lanka, Hattrem announced a contribution of USD 600 000 to UNICEF for humanitarian purposes during the visit. This is in addition to Norway’s substantial regular contribution to the UN Crisis and Emergency Response Fund and the Red Cross for relief in humanitarian crises for speedy and efficient emergency response.

” My thoughts are with the people that have been affected by the recent flooding. I offer my most sincere condolences to those that have lost their loved ones,” Hattrem said. Hattrem served as Ambassador to Sri Lanka during 2007-2010. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Norway cannot forget some of the humble and dedicated Sri Lankan politicians in the past who really played a sincere and honest role in building friendly, personal, diplomatic and bilateral relations with the Kingdom of Norway, beginning 1969. They are the late Hon. Felix Dias Bandaranaike, MP for Dompe, late Hon. Naina Marikkar, MP for Puttlum, late Hon. Madam Sirimavo R.D. Bandaranaike , MP for Attanagalle, late Hon. M.E.H.Maharoof, MP for Mutur, late Hon. A.C.S. Hameed, MP for Akurana and the late Hon. Ananda Tissa De Alwis, MP for Kotte. I hope the visiting Norwegian Foreign Secretary will not forget to pay tribute to these great Sri Lankan politicians in his meetings with HE. President Maihtripala Sirisena and Hon. PM Ranil Wickremesinghe. Having being the Norwegian Ambassador once in Sri Lanka, he will definitely know much more than these content. It is a pity that the friendlier relations that reached the peak in 1976 when the late Madam Sirimavo R.D. Bandaranaike, then PM and Chairperson of the Non-Aligned-Nations Movement visited Oslo, Norway during the 1st., week of February 1976, and also was given the esteemed and honourable privilege to address the “Stortingt” The Norwegian Parliament in the government of Norwegian PM Odvar Nordli, during that short visit, was high jacked by unscrupulous political characters, both Norwegians and Sri Lankans in between 1978 and 1979, and was redirected towards some of the unpleasant political experiences Sri Lanka had to face till 2002. Norway decided to include Sri Lanka as an aid receiving partner, along with Guinea – Bissau in 1976 after the late Hon. Madam Sirimavo R.D.Bandaranaike addressed the “Stortingt” The Norwegian Parliament. The first allocation of aid assistance to Sri Lanka was Norwegian Kroners 10 million. Guinea – Bissau also received an equal amount of Norwegian Kroners 10 million. Norwegian parliament makes such decisions only once in 5 years. Being involved with the late Hon. Madam Sirimavo R.D.Bandaranaike since 1969, I can vouch for the authenticity of these statements. The Norwegian political conspiracies started from No: 17 Alfred Place, Colpetty and moved to No. 10 Charles Drive, Col. 03 and then to Bambalapitiya and finally to Battaramulla from where it is still operating, as I understand.
    Noor Nizam.
    Political and Peace Activist and Political Communications Researcher & Former SLFP District Organizer – Trincomalee, Convener – The Muslim Voice.

  2. why the hell is all these foreign people visiting JAFFAN ONLY THEREV ARE OTHER PARTS of Sri Lankan WHICH WERE EQUALLY AFFT5ECTED. there IS SOME SINISTER MOTIVE IN THIS . sRI Lankans BE AWARE. Norway always visiting Jaffna is not a good thinhg we have experience in their meddling

  3. Noor Aiya,
    From where did you get hold of all these vital information. Can it be double checked in the internet.
    Looks as if the Muslim politicians have played an important role in bolstering the Norwegian to become closer to Sri Lankan affairs. But why have the Norwegians not extended humanitarian assistance to the Eastern Muslims or for that purpose, the Muslims living outside the North and East. It seems that the Norwegians extended a lot of assistances to the Southerners. The Rural Integrated Development under Ministry of Plan Implementation Secretary Dr. Wickrema Weerasooriya was a very big aid program which was spread over 5 years from1986 to 2000. Not even we Tamils got such a long term development supported by the Norwegians. Your thinking that the Norwegian goodwill created by the late PM Sirimavo could have been hijacked by Norwegian and Sri Lankan politicians and government officials for their purposes. No doubt the SLFP government kept away from the Norwegians. They are coming back now? We have to be careful.


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