Opposition questions failure by AG to look into over 8000 files

Dew-Gunasekara-ibaThe opposition today questioned the failure by the Attorney General ‘s (AG) department to look into over 8000 files piled up at the department.

Former Minister D.E.W. Gunasekera said the failure to look into over 8000 files means the complaints of the public are not being investigated.

He said that some files have been at the AG’s department for years and yet there is no one to raise a voice over this issue.

Gunasekera said the President and Parliament have failed to take note of the issue and obtain a solution for the people.

He said the Government keeps expressing views about corruption and files on former Government members, yet is silent on the 8000 files containing complaints made by the public. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. DEW Gunasekera has probably forgotten very quickly that 7999 of the 8000 files could be against a regime he so lovingly supported and defended under which regime pre meditated murder cases and heinous rape cases did not get pass the police station.Now when he thinks he can use the very same fact to blame a government that has done so much in such a short time he is very quick to blame it all on the new government.Is this senile decay or simply gross hypocrisy?I think it’s the latter.

  2. Hello – Why you did not raise this issue when you were a minister in the last government. Were you scared about white vans?


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