Obama, other world leaders exchange pleasantries with Sirisena

CjcMChTVAAE65eeUS President Barack Obama and other world leaders exchanged pleasantries with Presidnt Maithripala Sirisena in Japan today.

Obama and Sirisena were in Japan to attend the G7 summit. Leaders of the UK, Canada and Germany also had a brief exchange with President Sirisena.






  1. President Sirisena with his national dress is sending a clear message that he is not evolved enough to equal with the West. Just wait and see how diligently the West is going to trap the good governance leaders. At least MR had some room to move around. Former President JR done lot of damages to the country, but his nephew will do far worse. He has already divided the Sinhalese and sold to the foreign power. Only one thing left is dividing the country. Trust me, he will do it, by doing so he will become the worst leader for creating endless war between North and South. The civil war was the Asia’s longest brutal civil war, thanks to JR’s policies. But his nephew will create an endless war, thanks to his policies.


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