Mahinda says Sampur incident serious since US envoy was there

150819160321-sri-lanka-mahinda-rajapaksa-august-2015-exlarge-169Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa says the incident which took place in Sampur involving Eastern Province Chief Minister Nazeer Ahamed is serious since it took place in the presence of the US Ambassador to Sri Lanka Atul Keshap.

Rajapaksa said the video clip of the Eastern Province Chief Minister verbally abusing a Naval officer at a public meeting in Sampur has appeared in the media and been posted widely on social networks.

“The fact that this ugly incident took place in the presence of the American ambassador has added to its seriousness. The Eastern Province Chief Minister who raised an issue of protocol over his place on the stage can be heard shouting at the naval officer repeatedly using phrases like ‘get out from here’ ‘idiot’ and ‘shut up’. On a previous occasion when TNA politicians forcibly entered an army camp in the north, the Government went out of its way to portray this as a minor incident and to sweep it under the carpet. This is now the second such incident. The incidents that took place in the north and in Sampur should not have taken place anywhere in the country,” he said.

Rajapaksa said politicians in any part of the country should not seek to enter army camps without obtaining prior permission or giving due notice.

Likewise, he says, no politician in any part of the country should ever speak to a uniformed member of the armed forces at a public meeting the way the EP Chief Minister spoke to that naval officer.

“Deliberate insults directed in this manner by the political authorities at the armed forces that rid the country of the scourge of terrorism, should stop. We suspect that this latest incident is a part of the project that began in January last year to demoralise our war heroes,” he said.

The former President call upon the Government not to sweep the latest incident under the carpet the way they dodged taking action over the incident in the north. He said it is the duty of the Government to formally investigate the conduct of the EP Chief Minister and to take steps to ensure that such incidents do not occur anywhere in the country in future. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. What comment did Mahinda Rajapakse MP make when a navy soldier attacked the Indian Prime Minister? What did he do when his MPs, Ministers, Ministry Secretaries raped, attacked and killed people, he did nothing. In fact he said he had the files and he protected them. Further why was a Navy Officer on the stage in a civilian school event? Navy has to be in the barracks as there are no terrorism in the country.

  2. The naval officer was part of the security team given to the Governor of the Eastern Province and he was doing his job by stopping any one who was not authorized to come close to the Governor. Eastern Province Chief Minister Nazeer Ahamed does not have any authority to shout at a member of the armed force for doing his/her job. This how the UNP ran the country in 1980s and let the LTTE raise its head. It is happening again with the current Ranil and Maithripala administration.

    Watch the Eastern Province Chief Minister Nazeer Ahamed shouting at the naval officer for doing his job:

  3. It is a shame that the leader of the Sri Lanka Muslim Congress has made no comment on the behaviour of his Eastern Provincial Council Minister or tendered an apology to the Navy, the school authorities and the dignitaries and especially the little school girl who was hurt by the striking of the arm of the CM during the commotion on stage, who had gathered at the function and were embarrassed by the UNRULY behaviour of CM Nazeer Ahamed. This should have been courtesy and etiquette expected of a party leader, especially when it has brought so much pain of mind to an honest Naval Officer discharging his duties and well commended by the Governor and the Navy itself that the said officer was indeed a well mannered and disciplined forces personnel, notwithstanding the fact that, contradictory to the behaviour of CM Nazeer Ahamed, the said officer behaved in a calm and humble way, without any retaliation. News reaching Colombo indicate that there is suspicion or doubt that the whole scenario had been engineered by a Colombo based deceptive Muslim minister dealing with local government matters who had arranged the helicopter ride for the American Ambassador to fly from Kinniya to Sampoor to nurse closer relationship dealings with the American diplomat for personal gains or may be political gains. Questions arising whether the Sri Lanka Air Force was given instructions during the booking/arranging of the helicopter ride by this deceptive Muslim minister to sideline the CM being given a lift in the helicopter from Kinniya to Sampoor on that day in order to put a wedge between the relationship of the Governor and the CM. This is not a definite statement, but should be considered as gossip. In the political playing field of Muslim politics in Sri Lanka, many deceptive games are been played by the Muslim politicians in the race to gain popularity with President Maithripala Sirisena, Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe and Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa. The President has to get personally involved after his return from the G7 Summit in Japan and make sure without being “POLITICALLY INFLUENCED” to punish the arrogant CM and to meet JUSTICE to the Naval Officer who was the VICTIM of this politicians unwarranted OUTBURST. The President, as the Head of the armed forces, should REWARD this Naval Officer who had suffered so much of “PAIN OF MIND” and for having behaved in the highest order of a good Armed Personal Officer, with a PROMOTION. The President should also make sure that the little school girl (student) who was indeed hurt by the (maybe) accidental strike of the CM is also taken care of and the CM should make a PUBLIC APOLOGY to all those concerned as demanded by the Public response.
    Noor Nizam. Peace and Political Activist, Political Communication Researcher, Former SLFP District Organizer – Trincomalee District and Convener – The Muslim Voice.


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