Harin Fernando apologises to Parliament over words he used

HarinMinister Harin Fernando today extended an apology for using unparliamentary language in Parliamentary recently.

Making a special statement in Parliament today, the Minister said that the words he used were instigated by the opposition.

Speaker Karu Jayasuriya accepted the apology and urged the members of the House to respect Parliament in future.

Fernando was heard saying “mother f*****” in Sinhalese in Parliament recently during his speech but the words were later removed from the video posted on the Parliament website.

The joint opposition had slammed Fernando over the words he used in Parliament. Opposition member Dinesh Gunawardena had said that the words used by Fernando was unparliamentary and should not be repeated in future.

The unparliamentary words were used during a heated exchange between the Minister and former Minister Mahindananda Aluthgamage. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Talking filth in Parliament by Harin Fernadopulla is serious issue not only that violating privileges of People’s Chamber ,it shows his level of moral of political ideology denegation of UNP ‘s politics of “good governance” and their Ethnical standard of each members level of politics.

    Last couples of years system of Parliament democracy has been lost its mission of People aspiration by and large. Major political parties members which that discharge norms of Will of the People after they elected by voters.

    This is new political phenomenon has been appear in since 1977 under UNP JRJ ,the man who misdirected whole political order to be remain in own power as long as JRJ he wish .

    In fact that trend give enough resources build corruptions in political democracy in that it parities, persons, members of elected in various government elected bodies ,while who had been are elected Members of Parliament ,Ministers, Premiers and Presidents of Island that they disregards and disrespects values of system of moral governances by all ruling parties since 1977.

    Harin F…… is not isolated case ,is products system created by JRJ-UNP politics of bad governances or so-called Dhamarist Planaya by JRJ..

    Well that Current UNP members of want carry forward similar policies under leader of Primer Ranil ..W …on UNP ?

    We want People’s Chamber run by without filths, of cause Voice of democracy and Rights of people of this country.
    We seek new politics in People Chamber-Parliament .

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