Frontline Socialist Party propaganda secretary Pubudu Jagoda arrested

pubudu-jagodaFrontline Socialist Party (FSP) propaganda secretary Pubudu Jagoda was arrested by the police today.

Jagoda was arrested for forcibly entering the immigration and Emigration department office.

He and a group of FSP members had forced their way into the immigration and Emigration department office last month and damaged office property during a protest against the arrest of FSP Politburo Member Premakumar Gunaratnam.

Jagoda and another FSP member who was also arrested were produced in court and released on bail.  (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Justice must be fair for everybody!
    Frontline Socialist Party having right to protest on behalf of right of the People that has been misused and undermined by authorities ; and being given wrong justice for Kumar right of citizenship.

    Why is this Govt. has to not yet the address the key issued of Kumar and his born right of citizenship in Sri lanka?

    All in all these cases not mixed with so-called protest by FSP. Right to protest is basic right of Republic Constitution of SL.

    Political ideologies could not take into account by that supressed principle right of citizens of this country.
    Is known fact Kumar of FSP , due to that is fundamental right of his citizenship Not to be supressed that his political believes are not aligned with present state and its organization.
    Unauthorised arrest and detain must be address according to International norms and laws


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