Sri Lanka appeals to expatriates in the UAE for urgent help

floodSri Lanka’s Consulate-General in Dubai has released an urgent appeal to expatriates and other UAE residents to donate to help with relief efforts following the devastating floods that have so far left at least 425,601 people from 103,776 families badly affected.

The Government of Sri Lanka is encouraging monetary assistance – rather than collected material – for the victims, especially from overseas Sri Lankans, to enable faster relief assistance, as it is more economical to purchase relief supplies locally.

Sri Lankan expatriates and well-wishers in the UAE can contribute to the National Flood and Landslide Victims Relief Operations through the Consulate-General in Dubai, which will be acknowledged by an official receipt issued by the Consulate-General and will be transmitted to the Ministry of Disaster Management – the sole authority in the Government of Sri Lanka in handling the relief and rescue operation with regard to the flood victims and the rehabilitation efforts.

The Consulate General will accept cash, cheques or money orders drawn in favour of the “Consulate General of Sri Lanka”, for this purpose.

The financial donations will be accepted by the Consulate General between 8.30am and 5pm from Monday to Friday and 9.00 am to 5.00 pm on Saturday and Sunday. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Do not waste your hard earned money by giving to the government or any other organisation collecting for the victims of floods/earth slips.
    Just send to one of your relatives/friends (trustworthy/honest) to go & hand over to the deserving people or organise it yourselves through an expat association.
    Just think about the amount of taxpayers money looted by the government and all the members of the parliament/provincial councils/ Pradeshiya Sabawas!!
    Mega salaries, allowances, free accommodation,free food, Luxury car permits to sell, more cars for use, free petrol, free foreign trips, Bribes/commissions etc, etc, etc.
    All the politicos are the same.


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